In 2020, the iPhone 8 will get a new life thanks to the updated features

Apple is highlighted by the fact that it does not release budget smartphones. Instead, it sells old models, making them cheaper every year. Although they still do not get budget from the budget.

And while there are no disputes over the iPhone 4S on the Web, sources say Apple may behave in a rather unusual way by updating one of the oldest models next year.

More precisely, it’s about iPhone 8. This smartphone is also sold now. In the United States, for him, without asking for taxes, they ask $ 600. Considering the situation with iPhone 7, in the fall, when the next generation of Apple smartphones will be released, most likely, the iPhone 7 will disappear from the sale (not in all markets, of course), and the iPhone 8 will be even cheaper.

And according to this logic, iPhone 8 should disappear from the Apple range in 2020, but if you believe the fresh data, everything will be a bit wrong. Apple will update the iPhone 8, which it has never done before, to keep it in line. In particular, the screen will receive normal resolution Full HD, and the heart will serve SoC Apple A13. The smartphone will retain its size and design, a single camera, and a 128GB flash drive. It is expected that such a smartphone will cost about $ 650 (17 400 hryvnias), that is, the budget will certainly not be. Considering that the iPhone X has just been removed from the salesperson’s sales, so as not to interfere with the actual lineup, in 2020 we simply will not have old iPhone models that would have managed to cheapen in price. So Apple’s decision with iPhone 8 seems quite logical. Given its design and a number of features,

To produce an updated iPhone 8 will be Pegatron. It is reported that the company will produce about 20 million such smartphones, although, given all the nuances, not the fact that this is enough.

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