37 seconds of death. The woman knew exactly how and when she would die, and this saved her life.

Stephanie Arnold is the mother of three children, married to Jonathan Arnold. In 2012, the family was looking forward to the birth of a second child.

But Stephanie's joyful expectation was clouded by fear. At the 20th week of pregnancy, she saw in a dream how she was dying immediately after giving birth.

Stephanie told about this to relatives, friends and acquaintances.

“Whenever someone asked how my pregnancy was proceeding, I said that I would die on the day of birth, that I had already written farewell letters, sent them out and wait for the birthday and death to come,” she wrote on MindBodyGreen.

At the 32nd week of pregnancy, Stephanie shared her forebodings about her imminent death with medical staff.

She was asked to consult with an anesthetist.

The woman believed that a prophetic dream was a sign from heaven to help her prepare for the coming.

“Before I die, I will have a hysterectomy, there will be bleeding, I will need general anesthesia,” she said anxiously.

“Everything will be fine with the child, and I will die on the operating table.”

The anesthetist, like everyone else, thought that Stephanie was simply suffering from anxiety, but still listened to her words.

She later told Stephanie that she decided to prepare for unexpected complications. So she ordered extra blood and a cart with resuscitation kit in the operating room … just in case.

In May 2013, Stephanie gave birth through a cesarean section to a healthy boy named Jacob.

And after a few seconds she died.

She began an allergic reaction to the amniotic fluid entering the bloodstream. This condition is called amniotic embolism, when amniotic fluid enters the bloodstream, and occurs in one of 40,000 cases. The outcome is fatal.

The woman developed renal failure and cardiac arrest. In addition, blood coagulation increased dramatically and thick blood clogged blood vessels.

She underwent emergency hysterectomy and blood transfusion.

But nothing helped – Stephanie died.

And then something extraordinary began.

In his book “37 Seconds,” published September 15, 2015, Stephanie describes in detail her experiences at the time of death.

37 seconds lasted clinical death. And Stephanie during this time gained an amazing and deep experience. He was remembered by her in every detail and left a deep impression.

She later said that she was approached by the spirit of a boy who was the late brother of her best friend Megin, who died at 7 years old.

“He told me:“ Tell my sister that I miss how she twisted my hair. ”

When Stephanie later called her friend and talked about her late brother, she burst into tears and hung up. Then she called back and explained that she did this every night so that her brother would fall asleep.

Stephanie remembers all the medical workers who were next to her body. She describes it as a 3D movie. Despite the fact that she was dead, she could hear and see everything that was happening in the operating room.

“I saw that the anesthetist was holding my legs. I saw a nurse leaning over me. "

“I knew what happened to the baby in the birth room, and what my husband was wearing, who was getting out of the plane at that time.”

The obstetrician-gynecologist Stephanie, Dr. Julie Levitt, was nearby during childbirth.

"I heard my doctor say again and again:" This is not supposed to happen. " I then asked her if she said these words. She replied that she spoke, but to herself, and not out loud. "

There is no medical or scientific explanation for what happened to Stephanie.

Doctor Nicole Higgins was amazed:

“She knew that the defibrillator was faulty, and we changed it. She described everything very accurately. ”

“What happened left me with the feeling that there was something else besides the material world.”

Stephanie was reanimated after 37 seconds thanks to the experience of the medical staff and the attentiveness of the anesthesiologist, who took into account the woman's premonitions and ordered additional blood and the necessary equipment.

The foresight that saved her life is a blessing, Stephanie is sure.

Having risen from the dead, Stephanie feels the need to inspire people, give them faith, and says that she still has forebodings.

“Listen to your intuition. You are not alone. It can save your life. We have more loving helpers than we can imagine. ”

Source: Epoch Times

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