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Short beauty-instructing for those who do not want to give up makeup even in hot months.

Heat always makes its own adjustments in our beauty routine. Less dense textures, coating layers, more moisturizing and gently cleansing agents. By these rules you have to play, to avoid serious problems such as acne, rashes and irritations. And then the main question arises: how to make up on a summer day so as to look spectacular, but not to harm the skin? Useful beauty tips shared with us founder of the first Russian indie brand of decorative cosmetics and false eyelashes Romanovamakeup Olga Romanova.

1. Practice monochrome

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Monochrome fits perfectly into the general rule of summer makeup – go natural. The less makeup will be on your face, the more comfortable your skin will be to tolerate heat and profuse sweating. Solid makeup does not require a large amount of funds and multi-stage application. “We take cream blush, pink or peach color, put on cheeks, eyelids and lips,” advises Olga. Such a make-up in one tool and several movements will create the effect of a light freshness of the face and, most importantly, it will not become a burden for skin cells. To even out the tone of the face as a whole, we use tonal means and concealers with a light texture.

Suitable options collected in our collection:

1/9Avon Cream Blush MarkDouble Tweed Blush Les Tissages De ChanelMAC Extra Dimension Blush Cream BlusherLimoni Satin Compact Face Powder by PUPATonal fluid Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF10Giorgio Armani Power Fabric High Coverage Foundation Balm, Compact Tonal Foundation BalsamHide’n’Fix Eye Primer and Eye Concealer from BESPECIALYSL Touche Éclat against black circles under the eyes The basis for the shadows Cinema Secrets from Romanovamakeup

2. Bright arrows

“Bright shooters can add a touch of extravagance and chic to a natural summer make-up,” Olga Romanova comments. – Try brown, wine, metal, and even shades of fuchsia. When, if not in summer? I highly recommend experimenting with these trend options. ”

Carla Zampatti Resort 2020 BackstageCarla Zampatti Resort 2020 Backstage

However, for the usual output in the daytime, more soothing shades are perfect: brown, beige, blue and dark green. If your makeup doesn’t do without shadows, do not forget to put them before drawing arrows (read also: “Draw the line: how to draw perfect arrows”). However, in the summer period, we still recommend replacing them with light transparent powder. With its preliminary application to the surface of the century, the lines of the arrows will be more delineated, and your look will be more expressive.

3. Focus on lips

“In the summer it is important to ensure that the face is clean,” advises Olga. – Allow yourself only a little tonal means, concealer around the eyes and mascara on the eyelashes. But with the lips you can roam. Take into circulation any saturated shades of lipstick. Gothic, maroon, retro in the style of the 90s, dark brown, pin-up version with the classic red or trendy gray-beige – all of these options will make the makeup special and expressive with one touch. "

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However, in summer, it is not only the emphasis on the lips that is important, but also care for it, because sweat and moisture strive to reduce all your labors to the mirror. And then it will be useful to buy a lip primer in stick or pencil, which will prolong the resistance of the lipstick and prevent it from smearing at the most inappropriate moment. From here one important conclusion: in the summer with a make-up of lips it is better to be safe.

This may come in handy:

1/8Tint for lips Givenchy Encre InterditeNARS lipstick, KIRAT shadeYSL Rouge Pur Couture The Slim LipstickLipte-lip balm Volupte Shine by YSLTint for lips from RomanovamakeupAnastasia Beverly Hills lip primerNYX Lip PrimerMAC Lip Primer

4. More light

Competently selected highlighter is able to give your skin a healthy glow. But in the summer, due to intense perspiration, it becomes wetter than the cold coffee that you take on the way to work. In such conditions, the highlighter begins to shine, and you look with such “beauty” on your face, as if you just came out of a exhausting cycling workout.

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If the day is very hot outside, wait until the evening and do not risk putting a highlighter to go out at the peak of the day (read also: “Why a highlighter is a new lip pencil”). If you need to use it in the morning, while it is desirable that the effect of radiance on the face stay with you until late hours, try to choose a tool that does not have a metallic tint: it will unpleasantly make the makeup in the morning. Choose cream highlighters and apply them to the upper points of the cheeks. "You can also put a little on the cheekbones, nose, on the eyebrows," – says Olga.

Funds that do not fail:

1/7Liquid Glow Mon Amour highlighter from L’Oreal Paris Oil with shimmer effect Soleil Plaisir Sultry from DarphinGivenchy Healthy Glow Powder Croisiere Compact Powder to make your face look more radiantAvon Radiance Powder BallsShimmerbrick Bronze shine effect compact powder from Bobbi BrownConcealer for shine Dior Flash LuminizerUniversal eyebrow mousse with light creamy texture from GRIMBROW


Olga Romanova – Founder of the first Russian indie brand of decorative cosmetics and false eyelashes Romanovamakeup.

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