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We tell you what make-up helps the Italian it-girl and businesswoman to be successful and recognizable (and what is its secret).

For her 32 years, Chiara boasts many achievements in the beauty and fashion industry. Since 2009, Italian beauty has been blogging The Blonde Salad, which has become so popular that it gradually went beyond the Internet: now Guess, Dior, Mango, Superga and many other luxury brands want to work with Chiara. Chiara was invited as a member of the LVMH jury for a competition of young talented designers, and recently the portfolio of the fatal blonde was supplemented by a collaboration with Lancôme.

From an unknown girl-blogger, Chiara was able to grow a brand with whom top executives want to work with fashion and beauty spheres. However, like any successful person, Ferrany has her own secrets of popularity and promotion. Among them is the ability to make a bright feminine make-up, which remains in memory for a long time. We tried to consider it in all the nuances and reveal the main beauty secrets of the young mother and the infuenser, helping her to be at her best in all life situations.

Bright eyebrows

Chiara almost never violates the rule of one accent, and between the makeup of the lips and the eyes most often chooses the latter. Along with a dense black eyeliner and thick divided eyelashes, the girl does not forget to take care of the contoured eyebrows that look above the effectively highlighted eyes.

Despite the fact that Kiara is blonde, she prefers black pencil and mascara in eyebrow makeup (and not brown, as is often the case with owners of a light shade of hair). To get the same divided thick eyebrows, do not forget to pre-comb them with a special brush, and at the final stage of the make-up arm yourself with a gel-fixer for eyebrows.

Even skin tone

Do not forget that behind the spectacular make-up of Chiara there is a full-fledged beauty routine, which includes more than one care product. By the way, and not only that. Favorite makeup artist Chiara Manuel Mameli always begins makeup girls with facial massage: it allows you to enhance overall skin tone.

Her healthy radiance Ferrany emphasizes with the help of make-up face with an emphasis on a smooth tone (see also: "How to restore the skin glow?" "). In order to achieve the same impeccability, do not neglect the base and tonal creams SPF with the effect of radiance and light texture. The latter is especially true for summer days.

Shining shadows

Chiara is a real fan of brilliant shades of a wide variety of colors, their combinations and performance techniques. Corporate reception Ferrany – radiance in the corners of the eyes. This makes them visually wider and gives the makeup a special sound.

The girl's favorite shade is white with a silver glow, which, together with a thick eyeliner and mascara, creates the effect of wide-open eyes. In second place are shades of pink and peach, which are great for making nude make-up. In this case, Chiara also resorts to the help of rouge from the same color range as the shadows.

Gloss and lip liner

Despite the fact that the emphasis on the eyes – the main beauty of the reception Chiara, she never leaves the lips without attention. Just at this point, the style icon sometimes allows itself to sacrifice the rule of one accent and unite two of their passions – to the gloss on the lips and shine on the eyelids – in one embodiment of a truly spectacular makeup. Repeating this and avoiding bad taste will not be easy, so it's best to restrict yourself to one of the accents and pay attention to skin tone.

Chiara's main favorites in lip make-up are glossy shades of rich red and pink, as well as creamy lipstick with shiny pigments. At the same time, Ferrany rarely does without a pencil for lips, which beautifully outlines their shape and makes lip makeup more resistant (read also: “Heat, heat: how to make summer makeup more resistant”).

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