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Learning to distinguish between real sound and false.

Unfortunately, today perfume fakes easily find their way to the pages of online stores, and sometimes they even make their way to the shelves of boutiques with a reputation and a name. In other words, perfume enthusiasts should to be always on the lookout: none of us is safe from the fact that instead of the object of passion – a bottle with the same, your aroma – you will receive a production that is unknown somewhere and that has nothing to do with the real sample “potion”.

It is possible that you do not even understand this – and this is doubly offensive, not to mention the fact that perfume fakes can pose a serious threat to health. But, fortunately, there is a whole set of “beacons” that will help you in time to navigate and recognize the fraud on the spot. We remember and do not forget to look out for them during the next beauty shopping.

1. The wrapper bothers you

Most often, we pay attention to the paper packaging of the perfume, and less often – to the quality of the cellophane that covers it. But this is a big omission. A high-quality branded perfume is distinguished by a good cellophane wrapper: it is quite dense and covers the box without bloating, bumps or other defects. That is why it is worth paying special attention to the seam lines of the cellophane wrapper. If you notice that they are crooked, with gaps, uneven or too thick, it is better to switch your attention to a different flavor or to another boutique.

Also do not be lazy to consider the box itself, in which the bottle is placed: as a rule, manufacturers try to equip it with a special design that keeps the bottle in a stable position and protects it from possible damage. The paper the box is made of should be white, not gray, unless it is a design idea.

2. You notice design mimicry

Looking at shelves with perfumery products, you catch a glimpse of a bottle that you saw recently in a commercial, and decide that you were not averse to adding it to your aroma-arsenal. You buy it, rejoice at the purchase, but when you accidentally see a stand-advertisement of the perfume you bought, you find that this is the same fragrance that you purchased, but differing from it in a number of nuances: the letters are slightly more even, and some letters are not at all; visually the vials are similar, but yours are not so elongated. And, horror, they also differ in color – is it really due to the fact that they have different substances?

So, cunning manufacturers play on our carelessness and borrowing designs from well-known brands. To avoid criminal prosecution, they make minimal changes to them, but retain the general idea of ​​design – the one that has already established itself in the market and earn popularity among buyers. Design is a powerful tool for manipulating consumer demand, and you should be prepared for this.

3. You do not find the perfume serial number (or find it strange)

That's what really says about the authenticity of your chosen fragrance, so it has a serial number, while the serial number on the bottle should correspond to the serial number on the package. If the latter is the case, then you should find a sequence of numbers based on the packaging – in the form of imprinted or printed characters using ink.

4. You notice that the bottle has defects

Another important point when checking the perfume for authenticity is the quality of the bottle. Good glass or metal, a smooth surface without damage – these are the first and main signs that this is not a fake. But if you notice contours on the surface of the bottle, incomprehensible stains or streaks, then you should seriously think about the quality of the chosen buti-product.

It is also important to pay attention to the cap, which should be symmetrical and tightly close the spray cap. Well, if the cap is asymmetric and this is part of the design idea, then it will certainly be more difficult to determine the authenticity of the fragrance – in this case, do not forget to go through the remaining items of the material (read also: “5 of the most“ crazy ”perfume bottles”).

5. The bright color of the perfume is striking

The fact is that brands rarely resort to the abundant use of dyes, therefore, genuine flavors, as a rule, have a pale shade that is close to translucent. And if your sample is full of bright blue, fuchsia or literally yellow eyes, then it is better to play it safe and test the same flavor, but in a different place.

6. “Cheap” sound

If for many years of aroma-hobbies you managed to sort most perfume brands into DNA notes, then you should hear the fake sound of a fake for a mile. If you have such knowledge behind your shoulders, then luck is definitely on your side. Manufacturers of fakes, as a rule, resort to the cheapest ingredients that give themselves away from the first “notes”. The seller can easily offer to test the real aroma, and at the checkout to break a fake (intentionally or without even knowing about it). Be vigilant and check the product on the spot: this will not only save you from wasting money, but also teach you to better understand the world of perfumery and take out the very best from it (see also: “Money down the drain: how not to make a mistake when choosing a perfume”).

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