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All of us at work want to escape from the stressful process and grab something delicious. Marie Claire will tell you how to pamper yourself without fear of gaining extra weight.

The nuts

All nuts are suppliers of vegetable protein, which has a positive effect on energy balance in the body. Besides the fact that nuts will help you to muffle the feeling of hunger, they also improve memory, help to absorb difficult information – in short, what is needed for a productive working day. You can talk in detail about the beneficial properties of certain types of nuts: Cashew and almonds will strengthen the immune system, and cedar and hazelnuts have a positive effect on vision and stimulate the brain.


Apples are the favorite delicacy of all dieters: juicy, sweet – a great alternative to a full-fledged dessert. Of course, for better absorption, it is advisable to skip an apple through a grater, but at work such an opportunity is unlikely to be available to you. So it remains to eat the apple in its original form, or you can simply cut the fruit into small pieces and eat them without rushing, trying to stretch the pleasure for at least 10 minutes, even while working at the computer. But do not forget that the apple because of the natural acids it contains is an active causative agent of hunger, try combining an apple with nuts or low-fat yogurt.

Tea with honey

Often we, without noticing it, drink several mugs of coffee a day and not just coffee, but also with milk. This combination is a real mockery for losing weight. It turns out that the cocktail of coffee and milk contains more calories than a sandwich with butter and cheese. As for black coffee, when you use it, your tooth enamel can be significantly affected. So the best option is tea, which has a stimulating effect on the body along with coffee. And if you can't do without sweets, add a spoonful of honey to the drink, which is much more useful than sugar.

Sugar Free Muesli

Muesli Musly strife. Many modern manufacturers do not regret sugar and other components dangerous for your forms (and health, by the way). So when choosing the right bar, you should not listen to your own feeling of hunger, which tells you to take a couple of dozen chocolate-soaked briquettes. Carefully read the composition. For a full snack without time for health, choose foods with a high content of cereal, and, preferably, absolutely no sugar.

Dairy products

Dairy products are perfect for an afternoon snack. Remember: in kindergarten, at an afternoon snack, we were treated to kefir or ryazhenka. True, it was stable to a healthy drink, a dangerous bun was added steadily, but now, at a conscious age, we are able to avoid encounters with pastry baking. And thanks to yogurt, kefir or milk, you are guaranteed to get a good dose of protein and calcium. These substances will help relieve nervousness and irritability. In addition, they strengthen the musculoskeletal system.

Dried fruits

Of course, like other products with low sugar content, abuse raisins, dried apricots or prunes, is not worth it, because despite all the substantial benefits that dried fruit can bring to our body, they are still quite high in calories. So you need to know the measure, even in foods rich in vitamins and nutrients. And, nevertheless, dried fruit is a great option to satisfy hunger. Try not to eat delicacy by handfuls, put one healthy dessert in your mouth one by one, chew thoroughly, thanks to this saturation will come much faster, and you simply will not have time to “eat” extra calories.

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