6 useful properties of yogurt for radiant skin health


Eating yogurt with a yogurt mask applied to your face is a useful service that you can provide to your skin.

Yogurt is a real superfood for skin beauty. They knew about its beneficial properties in antiquity, including the birthplace of Greek yogurt. Perhaps this particular the product made a significant contribution to the concept of Greek beauty. However, not only cultural allusions, but also medical facts speak for the usefulness of yogurt. In this article we rely only on them and tell you why yogurt is worthy of the first positions in your beauty-routine.

Bright and even skin tone

It has been proven that regular application of yogurt on the skin of the face reduces the visibility of stains, moles and even freckles. However, of course, we are not talking about their complete disappearance. In this regard, we only count on the fact that yoghurt beauty care will work better than any tonal means.

For one use a lot of product is not required: one or two teaspoons of yogurt is enough for a mask. A win-win move will be its enrichment with a couple of drops of lemon or orange juice. This maneuver will be a tangible bonus for nourishing the skin: these juices contain citric acid, which is known for its ability to lighten and even out skin tone.

Skin pore constriction

If you are the owner of wide pores, then yogurt can be a great alternative to the care product. In order to narrow the pores and tighten the skin, gently spread a teaspoon of plain yogurt over the face. Wait about 10-15 minutes until the skin absorbs the mask, and then wash it off with cool water.

Useful advice for those who still come to the implementation of this instruction: immediately after removing the mask, do not hesitate to use a moisturizer or olive oil. Despite its extremely beneficial effects, yogurt can leave an unpleasant feeling of tightness.

Say no to acne

There are many tools to deal with acne pleasantly and effectively: yogurt is one of them. It is a key ingredient that is used in many medicines, and especially often in the composition of nourishing masks for the face.

However, the exclusivity of yogurt lies in the fact that you can extract from it the whole range of benefits both in the process of external use, and using inside as a nutritious product. Both options are not inferior to each other in efficiency: by its nature, yogurt is a fermented milk product, therefore it is ideal for combating bacteria that cause acne, as well as microbes that are harmful to the body and skin, including.

Less hassle and wrinkles

One of the most useful properties of yogurt lies in its anti-age characteristics, which will become a reliable weapon in the fight against free radicals. As is known, the latter are dangerous in that they deprive the skin cells of oxygen molecules and, thus, cause them significant harm, slowing down the metabolism and speeding up the aging process. Therefore, it is possible and necessary to fight with them – for a pleasant breakfast with yogurt and orange juice.

We say goodbye to dark circles under the eyes

The good news is for those who cannot deny themselves the pleasure of a night vigil – if you combine this ritual with absorbing natural yogurt on a regular basis, then in the morning the blue under the eyes will be much less noticeable (read also: “The skin around the eyes: the most effective creams” ). The point, again, is in the anti-inflammatory properties of yogurt and the lactic acid contained in it, which together help prevent skin edema.

The best remedy for sunburn

Ultraviolet – an eternal agent with a minus sign, which, if not sufficiently well protected, can cause burns and serious damage to the skin. In case the SPF creams are not the most frequent guest of your cosmetic bag, we advise you not to forget about the healing properties of yogurt: it is just that it soothes the skin damaged by the sun’s rays and restores its chemical balance. It’s all about zinc, which is rich in yogurt: this element is the record for inducing anti-inflammatory processes.

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