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We understand what is actually behind the fashionable word "detox".

Detoxification is the process of destruction and removal of harmful substances from the body. However, is any detoxification helpful? And how should it be carried out in order to achieve the maximum effect? In this matter, opinions of even highly qualified specialists are often shared. What facts about detoxification should be believed, and what not? – says Mayer therapist, nutritionist at the Austrian Health Center Verba Mayr, Galina Petrovna Bogomazova.

Myth number 1: The body is quite able to clean itself

Undoubtedly, the human body is a unique interaction of organ systems with each other at a fine molecular level, which come to the rescue to each other in extreme situations. But there is a limit to the impact of toxins, in which the body ceases to cope with them independently. Moreover, “toxins” include not only alcohol, tobacco smoke tar, poisonous varieties of mushrooms and berries, but also such imperceptible to the eye substances as additives for the cosmetic and food industries (flavors, preservatives, nitrates, antibiotics from food, mercury in fish, etc. .), household chemicals, evaporation from furniture made of chipboard, laminate, carpets, PVC windows and much more.

In modern urban conditions, the fact of chronic exposure of a number of toxins to humans is a reality, not a myth. And if 100-200 years ago the body coped easily on its own, then today one can hardly speak about it with complete confidence.

Myth number 2: Detoxification can be done independently at home

Unfortunately, there are too many reservations, which are better not to overlook. Before you decide to detoxify the body "at home", visit an experienced doctor and go through a preliminary diagnosis. Sometimes these or other conditions (bowel, stomach, liver, excess of heavy metals in the analyzes) that do not manifest themselves at an early stage can be contraindications to a particular detox method (read also: “Complete detox: in any incomprehensible situations – drink tea ").

Myth number 3: Detox for a week

The process and result of detoxification depends on the initial state of your health. One or two weeks will be enough for a person who leads a healthy lifestyle in everyday life. But when we talk about years of accumulated “baggage” of toxins, then in this case we should not expect lightning-fast results. Be patient and prepare yourself for longer work.

Myth number 4: To complete the course of detoxification, it is enough to "sit down" on a special diet.

Yes, diet therapy is the main component of detoxification. But in addition to the correctly chosen diet, there are still quite powerful and important levers of action for active detoxification: a sauna, sports (including hypoxia-hypercapnic training), a certain diet, a good sleep and much more. These items must be considered if you are set to take a serious detox course (see also: “Becoming easier: just about detox”).

Myth number 5: Lack of excess weight – a reason to refuse detox

Undoubtedly, fat cells are containers of fat-soluble toxins. When we talk about weight loss, we also mean a powerful detoxification process, which is desirable to carry out until the end, that is, to lose all those extra pounds. At the same time, there are water-soluble forms of toxins, so it is necessary to support the excretory organs: kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs, skin with sweat glands. And this is true both for people with excess weight, and without it. Therefore, if you do not need weight loss, it does not mean that you do not need a detox.

Myth number 6: On the detox program, you can immediately feel the improvement in health and well-being

Sometimes in practice you have to deal with the opposite – a person has a feeling of nausea, vomiting, headache, chills and other unpleasant symptoms. That is why it is better to completely trust the concerns of professionals and undergo detoxification in the conditions specially created for this.

Myth # 7: Detox is a commercial myth.

With sadness we have to admit this fact. Today it is often possible to meet unscrupulous sellers of “miracle remedies” for all diseases, including quick detoxification products. But does the fact of their presence exclude a reasonable approach to the removal of "excess" from the body? Far from it, and we hope that the above arguments have convinced you of the importance of this process.

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Galina Petrovna Bogomazova – Mayer therapist, dietician Austrian health center Verba Mayr.

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