78,985 tons of electronic waste were processed into 5,000 medals for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The desire of the Japanese to protect the environment is amazing!

To make the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo a truly eco-friendly event, 5,000 medals for the Olympics were made from recycled mobile phones and electronic devices assembled from all over Japan.

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“This project, which allows the people of Japan to participate in the creation of medals, is really good.”

– said at a press conference in 2017, Koji Murofushi, sports director of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

“The resources of our Earth are limited, so their processing will make us think about the environment,” he added.

The organizers spent the last two years – from April 2017 to March this year – to collect 78 985 tons of already used electronics. The Japanese handed over more than 6.21 million old mobile phones.

30.3 kg of gold, 4 thousand kg of silver and 2.7 thousand kg of bronze were extracted from electronic waste.

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The Tokyo 2020 Olympic medal design, selected after considering 400 applications for the competition, was created by Junichi Kawanishi, director of the Japan Design Association and Osaka Design Society.

“I am honored that my version of the Olympic medals for Tokyo 2020 has been selected. “I never dreamed that the model that I created to leave a memory of this event would really be chosen,” Kavanishi said.

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“The design of Tokyo 2020 Olympic medals reflects the basic idea that athletes should strive to win every day,” the Tokyo 2020 website says.

“Medals collect and reflect a myriad of light rays symbolizing the energy of athletes and those who support them. Design symbolizes a diverse world in which people who play sports and put a lot of work into it are respected. The brilliance of medals means the warm glow of friendship between people around the world. ”

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On the front of each medal with a diameter of 85 millimeters, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic emblem and five Olympic rings are depicted. On the reverse side is the relief of the Greek goddess of victory, Nika, standing in front of the Panathinaikos stadium.

The medal ribbon is decorated with checkered patterns (ichimatsu moyo) and the stylized kimono layering technique (kasane no iroma), reflecting Japanese culture. Round cases for medals will be made by local craftsmen from Japanese ash using traditional and modern technologies.

“Each case for a medal is individual and has its own wood fiber pattern, which is finely woven into the design,” the Tokyo 2020 website reports.

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For the first time, Olympic medals are made exclusively from recycled materials. For the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, medals were made using 30% of the secondary raw materials.

Even for the Tokyo Olympics, they built 100 podiums using approximately 45 tons of recycled plastic, which the Japanese removed from the ocean during cleaning operations.

The official sportswear kit for Japanese athletes for next summer's games will be partially made from recycled clothing and plastic bottles.

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According to NDTV, Toshiro Muto, general director of the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the 2020 Summer Olympics, expressed hope that this initiative will remind everyone of the importance of ecology at the local and international level.

Discarded electronics emit toxic substances and poison the soil and water bodies, affect both terrestrial and marine animals. Thus, creating medals for the Olympics from recycled waste is a great idea!

Source: Epoch Times

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