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One of the most famous actresses of Russian television and cinema told us how she watches herself and what beauty hacks she uses in everyday life.

The life of media people is calculated by the minute: every day they have to deal with a busy schedule in which There is hardly a window for coffee time. Teams of cosmetologists, stylists and makeup artists help them cope with the need to look their best at high rates of life. However, outside the movie sets, stars love to take care of their beauty themselves and can share personal beauty rules that can be easily adopted. We learned about some of them from Katerina Shpitsa, a famous Russian actress.

Facial cleansing

First, you need to wash high quality. Best on a two-step system. First, I use oil-based products to dissolve the make-up, and then I remove all that remains from foaming. My skin is prone to dryness, so this treatment is very suitable for me. In my opinion, it has no contraindications for oil for both oily and combination skin, since it is not gummed. It does not get more acne and do not appear black dots. The treatment is completed with foam, lotion and serum.

In facial care I try to be quick. In the cosmetic bag are tools that are easy to apply and work quickly. All my jars with dispenser, because I really do not like to spend time on constant unscrewing.

Body care

Of course, it all depends on the needs of the skin. Cleaning for me is always in the first place, but I don’t resort to the help of washcloth every day. Scrubs use about once a week. I love the procedure of wrapping. I even have a special home set for this, but due to lack of time I rarely get to it.

Useful beauty habits

I have a good habit – facial gymnastics. At Kinotavr, for example, I lacked 15-20 minutes to do it. I slept as much as possible, ran for breakfast, then to the movies. It was impossible to concentrate on gymnastics for 15 minutes, but it would be useful.

Makeup makeup

In my cosmetic bag there is a relaxing spray, hand cream, lip balm. And, when I leave somewhere, I will definitely take the care gloves or OPI socks with me. For example, you can wear them on an airplane, and I do that if you fly for a long time. Usually I also take masks, patches. When choosing means I prefer proven ones, but I also like to try new items. Only with this always take into account the factor of an allergic reaction.

The softening gloves and ProSpa Advanced socks from OPI

Hair care

I wash my head with Wella Professionals or System Professional shampoos, and I have a massage comb. I like her very much. It is pleasant to use it during shampooing. It is convenient to massage and wash the skin, rinse off the conditioner if you have long hair.

Shampoo to protect the color of colored hair Color Save C1 from System ProfessionalIntensive Repairing Fusion Shampoo by Wella Professionals

Makeup or hairstyle?

If there is makeup, but no hair, the image will appear incomplete. If I had thick and heavy hair, maybe I would not worry so much because of the hairstyle: I would dry my head on brushing and go. But since my hair is light, of medium thickness, I, of course, need full styling. I'd rather go without makeup than without her. I like to make hair parting, low tail or a neat bunch (read also: “Quick and beautiful: 5 options for fashionable styling in 10 minutes”).

Make up

I like highlighted eyes, beautifully drawn arrows and shadows. I will not decide on beauty experiments, if only they are not washed off. Tattoo – in no case. It seems to me that actresses should not do anything irreversible with their appearance with one slight movement.

A tan

I do not like sunbathing and lying on the beach. This is my least favorite form of recreation. But in the sun the color of my skin changes very quickly. To prevent this from happening, on vacation I wear sunscreen from head to toe, put on wide-brimmed hats. I also actively use products with SPF, most often in sprays (see also: “How to choose a sunscreen correctly?”).

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