9th Biology Guess Paper 2018

9th Bio Guess 2018

Important Topics

  • Branches,
  • Farming,
  • Horticulture,
  • Biotechnolgy,
  • Comunty,
  • Population,
  • Bio Molecule,
  • Tisue,Organ,
  • Deduction,
  • Variable,
  • Hypothesis,
  • Taxonomy,
  • Aims Of Clasifcation,
  • 3&5 Kingdoms,
  • Clasfication Of Man&Mustard,
  • Biodivrsty&Importanc,
  • Plasmodsmeta,
  • Cel Wal,
  • Magnification,
  • Light&Electron Microscop,
  • Microscopy,
  • Palstids,
  • Mitochondria,
  • Golgi,
  • Endoplasmc Reticlm,
  • Cel Cycle,
  • Musle&Compound Tisue,
  • G0&S Phase,
  • Metastasis,
  • Meta&Anaphase,
  • Mitosis&Meiosis,
  • Procriotc&Eucriotc Cel,
  • Necrosis&Apaptosis,
  • Erors In Meiosis,
  • Enzym,
  • Uses Of Enzym,
  • Coenzym &Cofactor,
  • Photosynthesis,
  • Light&Dark Reaction,
  • Bio Issues,
  • Aerobic&Anaerobic Resp,
  • Bio Elements,
  • Micro N Macro,
  • Pop N Com,
  • 4 Unicellular Org,
  • Parts Of Mustard Plant,
  • Chr Of Hypothesis,
  • Control Exp,
  • Meaning Of Malaria,
  • Incubation Period,
  • Theory,
  • Law,
  • Principal,
  • Ex Of Bio Laws,
  • Bioinformatics,
  • Aim0f Clas,
  • Ex Heirarchy,
  • Andria And Leaneus Work,
  • Pirons N Viroids,Virus Living Or Non Living,
  • Sc Names Of Onion N Crow,
  • Clas Of Human,
  • Endangerd N Extinct Species,
  • Magnification N Resolution,
  • Microgrph,
  • Fluid Mosaic Model,
  • Plasmodesmata,
  • Nucleplasm,
  • Cristae,
  • Sisternae,
  • Rer N Ser,
  • Semi Permeable Membrane,
  • Passive Transport,
  • Hypertonic,
  • Hypotonic,
  • Isotonic,
  • Turgor Pessure


Biology Important Questions for 9th Class

Note: It is appropriate to quote Albert Einstein’s statement that imagination is more important than knowledge. The results of Cattell’s research have shown that the first kind of intelligence, associated, gradually increases with age, reflecting the amount of knowledge accumulated in teaching. The level of fluid, free intelligence decreases with age. It is noteworthy that the sharp decline in creative, free intellectual potential falls on 22-25 years, when the stage of school and academic education is coming to an end, which can be evidence of the prevalence at this stage of development of traditional schemes for solving problems. The essence of free, fluid intelligence is the ability to multi-vision and analyze each problem situation. The choice of traditional algorithms, which are the result of subject learning, limits the number of degrees of freedom and thereby reduces the decision-making process to the abandonment of alternative opportunities. Cognitive competence, which is largely a reflection of the creative potential of the individual, is acquired in the process of social learning as the ability to multifaceted and complex processing of information about the external world, as well as its place in it. In general, cognitive personal competence is defined as the ability to actively use various kinds of information in new, often and rapidly changing situations.

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