9th Class Physics Guess Paper 2018 Lahore Board

9th Physics Guess Lahore Board


  • Prncple Of Moments
  • Vrnier Calipr
  • -Zero Eror
  • Graph

Short Question

  • Branches
  • Scientfc Notations & Exampl
  • Base/Derivd Units & Exampls
  • Physical & Elctronic Balanc
  • Signifcant Figurs
  • Zero Eror
  • Rest & Motion
  • Scalar &Vector
  • Linear & Random/ Circular & Rotatry Motion
  • Distance & Displacemnt
  • Acelration
  • SpeedVlocity
  • Dynamics
  • Mass & Weight
  • Inertia
  • Newton 1st & 3rd Law
  • Friction & Its Reducing
  • Limiting Friction&Eq
  • Centriptal & Centrifugal Force
  • Cream Seprators
  • Bankng Of Road
  • Head2tail Rule
  • Momnt Arm
  • Torque & Unit
  • Centr Of GravityCouple
  • Like & Unlik Forcs
  • Couple
  • Stable & Neutral Equlibrum
  • Difernt Valus Of G
  • Law Of Gravitation & Eq
  • Uses Of Comuncation Satelite
  • Enrgy & 4typs
  • Work & Joul
  • Power & Watt
  • K.E & P.E

Long Question

  • 2nd & 3rd Eq Of Motion
  • Newton 1st & 2nd Law
  • Importanc Of Vector Quantitis
  • Law Of Consrvation Of Momentm
  • Centripetal Force
  • Braking&Skidng
  • 1st Condition Of Equlibrum
  • Motion Of Artificial Satlite
  • Mas Of Earth
  • Kinetic Enrgy
  • Pascal Law&Hydralic Pres
  • Pressur&Formula
  • Archimedes Princple
  • Thermal Expansion&Eq Of Linear Thrmal Expansn
  • Submarin & Ship
  • Use Of Conductor& Non Condctnrs



Note: The subject matter of the problem of researching higher professional education requires the construction of a typology of the revealed contradictions. The typology of contradictions is based on the levels of their resolution. The contradictions existing in the sphere of higher education are as follows. The first contradiction is between the social need of society in the training of highly qualified specialists and the quality of its implementation. In modern conditions, the system of higher education lags behind the demands of social practice. The second contradiction is between the legislative base of the system of higher professional education and the level of its assimilation by the administrative body and the teaching staff of universities. The model of training a specialist in an educational institution of higher professional education has not been scientifically developed, which makes it difficult to solve this contradiction in practice. The third contradiction is between the social order of the society for the training of a highly qualified specialist, adapted to market conditions, and the state of the educational environment that is designed to implement this public order.

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