A collection of 80 rare Porsche destroyed by an explosion

In the city of Durham, North Carolina, there was an explosion of a gas pipeline, which partially destroyed one of the most prestigious collections of vintage and rare Porsche. It included more than 80 cars – from the modern super hybrid 918 Spyder to the oldest surviving instance of 356.According to local media, firefighters arrived on the scene immediately after they received a message that workers who were repairing the sidewalk broke through the gas pipeline. The evacuation of people from a nearby coffee house and construction company began. A little later, an explosion thundered, destroying the building, and, together with it, partially destroyed the room with unique cars.


In 2015, Porsche called the collection of a local resident, Bob Ingram, “a fascinating overview of the history of automotive design.” In addition, it was considered the best in America itself. It included mostly unique versions of the Porsche road.

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