A hunch prompted the guy to change jobs. If he had not listened to himself, he would have died

24-year-old David has a degree in forest management. After graduation, he did not want to sit in the office all day. The guy dreamed of working in the fresh air.

To do this, he got a job in the service of the local municipality. He controlled heavy equipment: he drove trucks, cut trees and looked forward to winter to learn the snow blower. David gladly did everything that was required, and was not going to leave.

Six months later, he still loved his job, but was tired of constantly complaining partners. They did not like the boss and the salary, they did not like the benefits, the schedule and the condition of the equipment … When it rained, they complained about it.

David realized that he would soon become as unhappy as they were.

At the weekend, the guy was thinking about how to proceed. And suddenly he had a strange feeling: something bad would happen if he stayed at that job. Although his companions tired him, but David liked what he was doing, and he did not plan to leave so soon.

Nevertheless, he listened to his inner voice and decided to look for happiness in a neighboring suburb.

The young man changed his job and again happily took up his favorite business. He liked the new team. They did not complain, but he did not regret.

One day, David had lunch in a common room with colleagues. They talked about their families. Suddenly the guy collapsed from the chair. Colleagues laughed, thinking that he was joking. But then they saw blood. David did not breathe.

One employee immediately dialed 911, and the other two, who were volunteer firefighters, rushed to David. They began to do artificial respiration and applied a defibrillator, always hanging on the wall of the rest room.

Three minutes later, David was breathing, but still did not regain consciousness. An ambulance took him to the hospital. Having regained consciousness, the guy was stunned and confused by what had happened. The doctor said it was a miracle that he was alive, because 80% of people with sudden cardiac arrest usually die.

David cried with joy and gratitude. He said that he knew that he had died, and he was lucky that there were friends and colleagues nearby who saved his life. The guy was sure that a job change saved his life.

David spoke of a bad apprehension. Bad things really happened, but if he had stayed at the same job, he would have died. There was no defibrillator. Even if he was, hardly dissatisfied colleagues knew how to use it.

The guy was implanted with a cardioverter-defibrillator, and he returned to work. Since David was not yet eligible for sickness benefits, his colleagues started fundraising on the GoFundMe crowdfunding platform.

If an inner voice offers you advice, listen. Although no one knows if this is just a conversation with oneself or heavenly instruction, a premonition can save your life.

Jeff Garton is a Milwaukee-based author, a certified career trainer, and former HR and training manager with a master's degree in organizational communications and public personnel management.

Source: Epoch Times



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