A robot on the ISS refused to fulfill the astronaut's request and asked him to be kinder

Robot Simon, delivered to the International Space Station (ISS) to help people, refused to execute the command of the German astronaut Alexander Gerst, which pretty surprised him. The video of the "rebellion of cars" appeared on the Internet.

The video shows how Alexander Gerst gives commands to Simon, and he faithfully performs them. At some point, the astronaut asked the robot to turn on his favorite music – the song The Man-Machine group to Kraftwerk. After listening to it and even dancing, he gave the robot a command to turn off the music and activate the front camera.

Screenshot / European Space Agency, ESA / youtube.com

However, Simon began recording from the camera, but did not turn off the music. The astronaut repeated his demand and even shook the robot. Simon did not intend to retreat.

“But I love music. Especially the one you can dance to. Ok, favorite hits are on the way. ”

Simon did not forgive the harsh astronaut and called him "not cute enough." The next time he asked him to be kinder. Then the robot declared that Alexander was obviously not interested in him, and tried to sail away in zero gravity.

Screenshot / European Space Agency, ESA / youtube.com

“Don't you like it here with me?”

The astronaut barely managed to convince the robot that he was pleased with the communication with him. After that, Simon calmed down and noted that it was time for Alexander to eat.

"Oh my God. I can hear your purring in your stomach. Is it time to eat? ”

The astronaut agreed and the conflict was peacefully resolved. However, Alexander noted that the robot was "too sensitive."

A robot weighing about five kilograms is made of plastic and metal using 3D printing technology. He became the first system with artificial intelligence Watson AI from IBM. The robot arrived on the ISS in June to help astronauts. Simon has a face, voice and artificial intelligence, which makes him a full-fledged colleague of the crew.

It helps astronauts to perform routine tasks, for example, to display workflows, and also independently proposes solutions to the tasks due to the ability to learn. Simon is equipped with an early warning system for technical problems. In the future, the possibilities of the robot will expand.

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