Amazon CEO loses nearly $ 7 billion in 24 hours – GoGetNews News

Jeff Bezos, an American businessman and the richest man in the world, lost $ 6.9 billion per day as a result of a drop in the stock price of Amazon, which he leads.
It is reported by CNBC.

"Amazon’s third-quarter earnings disappointed investors this Thursday, lowering corporate stocks by as much as 9% after hours of trading. Therefore, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, lost nearly $ 7 billion," the report said.

To be precise, for Bezos, who owns 57,610,359 shares of Amazon, these losses amount to $ 6.9 billion.

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It should be emphasized that if on Friday these losses in the Amazon stock market continue, Bezos will cede the title of the richest person to Microsoft CEO Bill Gates.

As you know, Amazon is the world's largest corporation selling goods and services via the Internet. Bezos founded it in 1994. He owns 57.6 million shares of Amazon. According to Forbes magazine estimates published in early October, Bezos’s fortune was approximately $ 114 billion, and Gates’s $ 106 billion.

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