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The fashion for streaming gaming services is capturing more and more companies. Amazon is preparing its own version, which will allow the giant to compete with Project xCloud and Google Stadia.

At the moment, it is already known that the company is negotiating with developers and publishers about creating exclusive games for the service. And the new information concerns the technical side of the project.

According to reports, the power of the new gaming service will be based on AWS cloud technology. Like Google, which plans to merge Stadia and YouTube in the future, Amazon wants to add gaming features to Twitch. This will allow everyone to be gamers, streamers and viewers, interact with each other and evaluate the content.

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At the same time, the company itself dismisses most of its own developers, transferring the creation of games to third-party studios. And this, it must be said, is strange, since giving up your own team deprives the company of the opportunity to return to its original position if something goes wrong.
Amazon has not yet announced the launch dates for the game streaming service. Judging by the early leaks, this is to be expected next year.

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