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Member States of the European Union on Wednesday agreed on the need for another postponement of Britain's exit from the union, but have not yet approved a new date on which Brexit is postponed.

"Everyone (EU Permanent Representatives, – Ed.) Agreed on the need for an extension (dates of UK exits from the EU, – Ed.) In order to avoid Brexit without an agreement," an unnamed European official quoted the media as saying.

However, according to him, a new date has not yet been selected. “The duration of the grace period is still under discussion,” he said.

Another source in the EU structures said that the parties are still inclined to postpone the UK exit date by three months. It is expected that the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the EU countries (Coreper) will meet again on Friday to discuss the issue of postponing Brexit.

The European publication Politico, in turn, also writes that diplomats and officials in the EU are confident that Britain’s withdrawal will not take place on October 31.

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The newspaper recalls that earlier the President of the European Council Donald Tusk said that he would advise leaders of the EU countries to agree to postpone Brexit to January 31, 2020.

However, according to the publication, France will probably discuss the possibility of a shorter delay.

"An official in the EU says that whatever the outcome of these discussions, it’s obvious that (British Prime Minister, – Ed.) Johnson will not be able to fulfill his promise and implement Brexit on October 31," the Politico report said.

Earlier, the House of Commons had previously approved the Brexit agreement, but at the same time refused the government’s proposal to complete ratification in the lower house of the British Parliament in three days. In this regard, Johnson said that he would consult with leaders of EU countries on further steps. In addition, pending the outcome of these consultations, he announced the suspension of the ratification process.

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