Amplification of the cellular signal in the apartment and in the country

The difficulties that you sometimes encounter in order to reach a subscriber or get on the Internet generate a lot of negativity towards mobile operators and mobile communication in general. And few people in these situations remember the convenience of mobile phones, the “black-yellow-striped bees”, “green men”, chicken-like providers and their ilk with all their might.

But not always failures and interference are the result of the sloppiness of the operators.

The most common reasons for their occurrence are as follows:

1. A large number of beside reinforced concrete structures. Thick walls and ceilings shielded signals from base stations. The situation is aggravated by the use of heat insulation, finishing and insulation materials with a foil layer inside buildings;

2. Excessive load on base stations while simultaneously connecting a large number of subscribers to them;

3. Large internal areas of buildings, offices, hypermarkets, country cottages, inside of which the signal gradually fades out;

4. Forests or terrain features that impede the free passage of radio waves.

It turns out that for any subscriber there is an objective reason to be dissatisfied with the quality of the connection. And the advantage of this situation is that the amplification of the cellular signal is a solvable task, and the solution requires very modest financial expenses.

What is needed to improve the quality of cellular communication

A simple set of equipment will help to stabilize and send a clear signal to the subscriber. It consists of three components:

1. External (street) antenna directed to the nearest mobile operator tower. The antenna picks up the signal and sends it to the repeater;

2. The stationary amplifier (repeater) amplifies the received signal by transmitting it via the system of internal antennas to the subscriber;

3. Indoor (indoor) antenna. For an apartment, a small office or a house, one is enough. Large objects are equipped with multiple antennas.

Photo courtesy of nettuning

The end result after installing the kit will be strikingly different from the original – full scale on the mobile device, the absence of interference and cliffs, trouble-free access to the Internet.

Companies involved in the installation of such kits, a lot. For example, Nettyuning company offers very favorable installation conditions and a two-year equipment warranty. Departure specialist on the object, calculations, measurements and budgeting – completely free. Now use modern technology has become more convenient and cheaper.

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