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On the website Silodrome published a story about an abandoned collection of Ferrari, which was found in the middle of the field. The cars belong to a previously successful lawyer who, due to illness, could not pay for their storage in a closed hangar.

First, the owner of the car collected "Corvette", but later became interested in European-made cars. In total, they bought 13 Ferrari cars, among which are Testarossa, Mondial, 400i, 328 and 348 and 308 Quattrovalvole. In 2011, he was given a serious diagnosis, so he asked a friend to move all the cars to a guarded paid hangar.

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Due to deteriorating health, the owner missed several payments and rolled out all the exclusive cars to the field next to the hangar. Even after receiving the payment, they were not returned to the hangar. While there was a long trial Ferrari remained in the field, and only recently the collector’s family inherited them. Of the 13 cars, two disappeared without a trace, and the rest will be restored and sold.

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