An explosion at a military training ground of the Russian Federation led to a jump in radiation, authorities say that everything is normal

During yesterday's explosion at a military training ground in the Arkhangelsk region, in addition to human casualties, the Russian Emergencies Ministry recorded a jump in radiation.

According to the regional department’s department, the sensors of the territorial radiation monitoring system in Severodvinsk recorded excesses of background values ​​of the gamma radiation dose rate parameter of up to 2 μSv / h.

The Russian branch of Greenpeace notes that this is 20 times higher than the permissible level and requires the Rospotrebnadzor to establish the causes of the incident and to study its consequences for the population and the environment. The appeal also says that measures are being taken to ensure the safety of local residents.

In a commentary to Novaya Gazeta, Greenpeace’s energy department head Rashid Alimov said that Greenpeace also contacted the Norwegian Directorate of Radiation Protection: “I think if there was any significant release, they should have fixed it.”

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The department of the Ministry of Emergencies in the Arkhangelsk Region claimed that “having reached maximum values ​​of power at the posts, they return to levels of natural background values. The dose of external gamma radiation at the sensor locations did not exceed 1-2 μSv for this observation period. External radiation doses for the period of exceeding the background dose rate levels are almost 1000 times less than the annual dose of the population from natural sources.The recorded dose rate levels do not pose any significant risk to the health of the population of Severodvi nsk. Measures of radiation protection of the population are not required. "

The Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region Igor Orlov said that the level of radiation after the explosion was not exceeded. The Ministry of Defense also emphasized that "there were no emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, the radiation background is normal."

At the same time, reports of increased radiation in the city several times appeared on social networks.

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