Android got a new method to upgrade the system

The Android operating system began to be updated through the Google Play Store app store. In the meantime, the owners of Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 phones can only test the innovations, because in this way the “search giant” is spreading the latest version of the Android 5.0 Q test firmware, the final assembly of which should be available for download to all interested in August this year. It is clear to me that installing updates through the store is much more convenient than somehow else.

Thus, Google hopes to make the Android release process centralized for all smartphones and tablets, and use this option will be possible by third-party electronics manufacturers in 2019, that is, in the coming months. To install the update, you just need to launch the Google Play Store, and then go to the “Updates” section, which has a separate menu that is responsible for the upgrade for the operating system installed on your phone.

Google itself does not advertise this innovation yet, but it is clear, since the presentation of the Android 10.0 Q operating system will only take place in early May, and now only its early test companies are available to users. It would be desirable to believe that a centralized update of all smartphones through the G Play store will affect not only the manufacturer’s products that will receive the new OS, but also those that work on Android 9.0 Pie and Android 8.1 Oreo. Whether it’s so or not will become known soon.

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