Android operating system is dead

As it became known from the official source, which was head of the mobile unit Yu Chendun, Huawei Corporation created its own operating system called Kirin OS from 2012, and finally it was completed. It turns out that it was created for almost seven years, for which these programs have surpassed Android. Its basis is Linux, and this is already a good sign, which can be a guarantee of high speed and reliability.

It is noted that the new OS will come out of Huawei already in 2019, but if Google, because of the demands of the US government, will be forced to ban the Chinese corporation, one of its key partners, using the Android platform. The company does not want to release Kirin OS at its own will this year because the market is not yet ready, which is not the best time to launch a new operating system for smartphones, although it can also be installed on tablets.

According to available data, Kirin OS is very similar to Apple’s iOS, but it is open, so users can change the look of the elements at their own discretion, as well as use unlimited software. With a combination of factors, the new platform is much better Android, which although updated annually now as more than a decade, but which is extremely outdated. There is every reason to believe that Google’s development will end as soon as the gadgets run by the Huawei system are launched.

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