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A lawsuit has been filed in the court of the Northern District of California (USA) against Apple and Samsung, which are accused of concealing the real level of electromagnetic radiation.

The reason for going to court was that the Chicago Tribune reporters published an investigation in which they claimed that the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate, electromagnetic energy that is absorbed by the tissues of the human body in one second and characterizes the level of the harmful effect of the gadget on the body) stated in the documentation turned out to be below real.

The results of testing 11 smartphone models were published – four iPhone (iPhone 7, 8, 8 Plus and X), three Samsung Galaxy (S8, S9 and J3), three Motorola (e5, e5 Play and g6 Play) and BLU Vivo 5 Mini. As a result of this audit, US residents filed a lawsuit against Apple and Samsung. What compensation they want to receive is not reported.

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None of the companies commented on this lawsuit. At the same time, they noted that all the phones on sale fully meet the requirements for smartphones in the USA and other countries where the products of companies are presented.

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