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A serious security bug has been discovered in the Apple macOS operating system that has existed since 1999. Bug was discovered by independent developer Hill Newman. According to him, using a security vulnerability, a hacker can remotely hack any MacBook.

The error first crept in at the turn of the 21st century, when Apple introduced the best operating system in the world for working on the Internet – Mac OS 9. After 20 years, the flaw was not fixed, and attackers can still use the old, but still working hacking method.

However, Newman notes that for 2019, the bug only works on some generations of OS X and macOS, and since 2016, Apple has added protection for Mac OS Sierra, which made the error difficult to access, but it can still be used.

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The bug was discovered while studying the macOS and iOS protocols. The error is based on the Apple universal translator – CCLEngine. It helps to interpret and organize data transfer channels between two computers. Hill realized that he could remotely bypass CCLEngine authentication requirements for establishing a connection between computers using an attack called "buffer overflow". So he could get access to another laptop, especially if new security features do not work on it.

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