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Apple chief designer Jonathan Ive officially left the company, removing his profile from the management page. Ive announced his intentions back in June, but the dismissal procedure took place only the other day.

Now the attention of a talented designer will shift to the development of his own design company LoveFrom, which he founded together with his colleague Mark Newson, who joined the company in 2014. Together they have already released their first project – an exclusive-style diamond ring. Apple also hired Quince for further collaboration.

"Apple will continue to capitalize on the talents of Jonathan Ive, working directly with him on exclusive projects, and thanks to the fruitful collaboration and dedicated team of designers he created," said Apple CEO Tim Cook in a press release.

Jonathan Ive has been an Apple full-time employee since 1992. The designer developed some of Apple's most iconic devices, including the iPhone and iMac, and also played a role in projects such as iOS 7 and Apple Park.

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Despite the fact that the mention of Quince was removed from the main site of Apple, his profile is still present on the investment page of Apple.

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