Apple spends million dollars on Developing Game for the Arcade Service

About the service Arcade Apple after its announcement said less than other new products of the Captain. But for a large part of the audience it will be the most interesting of the three, especially given that, unlike TV + and News +, it will be available in more than 150 countries.

Recall, the Apple Arcade service for a monthly fee (the amount has not yet been named) will provide access to more than hundred unique games that will not be available anywhere else.

According to the source, the company spends a lot of money on the development of games for this service. To be more exact, about a few million dollars for each game, that is, it is unlikely to be doubted as future projects.

Incidentally, the source claims that Apple Arcade games will still be available outside the service. In particular, on the consoles Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, but not on Android devices. But it’s a bit strange, so it’s better to wait for the official data on this account.

Apple Arcade will launch in the fall, but there is no exact date yet. Most likely, an additional announcement will be combined with the announcement of new smartphones, and access to the service will appear along with the start of sales of these same smartphones. Probably, the cost of access to the Apple Arcade will be $ 10 a month .

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