Assange sentenced to 50 weeks in prison


The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, was found guilty of violating a court order, which resulted in his being released on bail seven years ago, which allowed him to subsequently hide in the Ecuadorian embassy.About this reports “European truth” with reference to the Associated Press.

The 47-year-old defendant was sentenced to 50 weeks in prison.

He delivered a letter to the court through his lawyer, in which, as the lawyer put it, his client “expressed personal regret for his decision”.

“I found myself in a fight with terrible circumstances. At that time, I did what I thought was best,” Assange said in a letter.

The United Kingdom has provided Ecuador with guarantees that it does not extradite the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, to countries with capital punishment.

Assange has been hiding at the embassy from prosecution since 2012.

He escaped from bail in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden on charges of rape, which he denied. Later, the Swedish justice authorities dismissed the case against Assange, but the founder of WikiLeaks sought asylum from Ecuador because he was afraid of being extradited to the US authorities, where he faces life imprisonment for publishing secret documents in WikiLeaks materials.

Assange received wide public attention for posting secret materials to WikiLeaks about US involvement in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Julian Assange sent Al Jazeera, The Guardian, Der Spiegel and The New York Times about 100 thousand secret documents about the course of the war in Afghanistan. Some documents concern the execution of civilians. After the publication of some documents, an international scandal erupted. Assange also stated that he has about 15 thousand secret documents of the Pentagon at his disposal.

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