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The latest car from Mercedes-Benz with a 12-cylinder engine is already known: this is a special AMG S65 sedan series called Final Edition. The company is forced to abandon giant aggregates by tightening environmental requirements, but this law has not been written to tuners. Therefore, the studio Brabus without hesitation made the “Gelik” more powerful Ferrari.

This monster's name is G V12 900 – and his whole character is encrypted in these numbers and letters. One of the most luxurious, powerful and fastest SUVs the world has ever seen has been equipped with a 6.3-liter turbocharged V12 that develops 900 hp. and 1,500 “peak” Nm of torque (it is claimed that the performance indicators are limited to 1,200 Nm). Assisted this monster modified 9-speed automatic and four-wheel drive system.

The engine compared to the regular one has become almost one and a half times more powerful thanks to an increase in the working volume, new turbocompressors, an alternative output, a new intake manifold and other improvements. As a result, “Gelendvagen” from Brabus will spend on acceleration to 100 km / h in just 3.8 seconds, which is quite comparable with the performance of some supercars. The maximum speed of the G V12 900 is limited to 280 km / h. The Bentley Bentayga is faster, the Rezvani Tank is more powerful, but the G-class charisma cannot be interrupted.

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It was also strengthened by a 10-centimeter widening of the wheel arches, 24-inch wheels and a massive aerodynamic body kit with a small wing made of carbon fiber. The kit is complemented by a modified suspension and an interior completely covered in expensive leather.

Brabus is going to build just 10 copies of this SUV, and each of them is valued at least 605,055 euros.

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