Best makeup products for teenage girls

In adolescence, girls show an interest in decorative cosmetics, trying to imitate girlfriends, mothers and girls from fashion magazines. Manufacturers strongly recommend using this product no earlier than from 13-14 years old to avoid allergic reactions. and skin inflammations. Based on the composition, customer reviews and brand popularity, we have compiled our own rating of the safest and highest-quality cosmetics suitable for teenagers.

How to choose a teen makeup?

When choosing decorative products should follow the simplest recommendations.

    The presence of organic and mineral components, which are ideal for skin prone to allergies, does not clog the pores and protect against UV rays. In hot weather, all products should contain ingredients that have a moisturizing effect, and in the winter – to protect against the effects of cold.
    To avoid an allergic reaction, be sure to test it with a small amount on your wrist before using cosmetic products. If, after 12 hours, there is no various redness or rash, then the product can be safely used for the face.
    Pay attention to the expiration date: for decorative cosmetics it is 1 year from the date of its release. Do not use expired goods in any case, in order to avoid irritation and acne.
    Tonal foundations and powders with a dense texture are not suitable for delicate and young skin: their components clog the pores, creating a kind of “mask” on the face. Prefer light, airy products with a moisturizing or matting effect (depending on the type of skin and time of year).

Types of decorative cosmetics for teens


Proofreader, or concealer, is necessary for masking acne, acne and post acne. Apply the product locally (point) on the relevant problem areas. Concealer should have a light, translucent texture, natural tint, close to the natural skin color. In its composition can not be present dyes and preservatives that contribute to the appearance of irritation and an allergic reaction. To fix the makeup on top of the corrector, apply a thin layer of light mineral powder.

Vivienne Sabo Corrector Anti Imperfection

Eliminates any imperfections of the skin, not only masking them, but also treating acne, acne and any inflammation. Zinc oxide and orange oil, which are among the components, have an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Vivienne Sabo Corrector Anti Imperfection
Eva Mosaic Eyes and Face Concealer

Creamy concealer allows you to create the perfect smooth finish. Due to the light-reflecting and color-correcting pigments, the tone of the face is improved, dark circles under the eyes are hidden. The tool also contains peptides, restoring and moisturizing the skin.

Maybelline The Eraser Eye

This product is made on the basis of natural goji berries and haloxyl, contributing to the improvement of the skin in the area around the eyes, as well as the elimination of any redness. The concealer is applied using the soft sponge included in the kit.


Uneven shade, increased secretion of sebaceous secretions, enlarged pores – the main problems of teenage skin. To correct these shortcomings you will need a matting foundation that has a creamy or crumbly structure. Usually this tool serves as a kind of makeup base: the remaining imperfections are hidden with powder or concealer. For skin prone to allergies, you should choose water-based products.

Body Shop Matte Clay

Made on the basis of the essential oil of tea tree, as well as kaolin clay. This composition has excellent covering properties, providing an immaculate matte coating, while not creating the effect of "mask" on the face. Due to the naturalness of the components, the cream has antimicrobial and soothing effects, combats inflammations of various kinds, which is essential for teenage skin, gives a feeling of lightness and weightlessness throughout the day.

Body Shop Matte Clay
Yves Rocher Zero Defects

The hyperfine texture of this foundation hides any imperfections of teenage skin, making it smooth and radiant. Resistance – up to 12 hours. In the composition there are vegetable and mineral components that contribute to the removal of irritation.

Maybelline fit me

Absorbent and leveling particles contained in the composition, even out the skin tone, make it matte and smooth, eliminate redness.


Mascara contributes to the visual lengthening of the eyelashes, twists the tips and increases their volume. When choosing this product, consider its shade: it should be darker than the natural shade of the hair, for example, blondes will wear dark brown mascara, and brunettes – black. Violet, green, blue or burgundy tones can be useful to create an evening look. The use of this decorative product is recommended for teenagers not younger than 14 years.

Gosh Blown Away Mascara

Allows you to achieve maximum elongation without the effect of bonding and the appearance of small lumps. The mascara completely dyes the eyelashes from the first layer, does not crumble during the day, and is easily washed off with warm water without the help of any additional formulations.

Gosh Blown Away Mascara
Body Shop Lash Hero

The composition of this mascara is enriched with a unique extract of black rose and shea butter, which give the eyelashes a bright, charcoal-black tint, and also strengthen and protect their structure. Comes with a barrel-shaped brush with a thick pile and a tapered tip, which ensures an even distribution of the product on each eyelash.

Maybelline Lash Sensational

Mascara, giving the eyelashes light volume, is available in black, dark blue and brown shades. With the help of a thin curved brush, you can fix the volume, dividing and extending the cilia.


The best option for the care of young delicate skin is a mineral powder with a light texture and sunscreens (with a degree of protection SPF20 for the summer). This tool equalizes the tone of the face, hides any redness, and does not clog pores, allowing the skin to "breathe." In the composition must be present:

    amphoteric titanium oxide – acts as a natural thickener;
    iron oxide – protects the product from water and the formation of pellets on the skin;
    kaolin or lanolin – stabilize the production of sebum;
    mineral oil – has a moisturizing effect;
    Vitamin E – tightens the skin.

Choose a cosmetic product based on your skin type:

    For oily and irritated, you need a transparent matting antibacterial powder that eliminates shine;
    for dry and combined – cream powder with a moisturizing effect, chamomile extract, wheat germ and any vegetable oils.

Max Factor Creame Puff

Combines the properties of the tonal framework and crumbly powder, mattes well and at the same time moisturizes the skin, protecting it from redness, peeling and inflammation. The product is produced in a compact round package with a soft sponge inside.

Max Factor Creame Puff
NYX Professional Make Up

Powder has a fine crumbly texture. When applied, it looks natural, perfectly captures the makeup. Method of use: with a brush or sponge. The product is suitable for oily and normal skin.

Maybelline fit me

Due to the unique texture of this tool, the skin acquires a natural dullness and shade. Powder adapts to the structure, hides pores, small pimples and any imperfections, and is also hypoallergenic.

Crumbly or liquid blush

You can diversify the makeup of a teenage girl (aged 15-17) with soft, crumbly or liquid blush. Get a “fluffy” soft brush, apply the product exclusively on the cheekbones, starting with the cheeks, gradually moving towards the temporal zone. Professional make-up artists advise to select a rouge as follows:

    for brunettes – light beige, pale pink or bronze tones;
    for blondes – various shades of pink: from pale to saturated;
    for brown-haired – beige-pink gamma;
    for girls with red hair – peach or brick colors.

Gosh lumi drops

Multifunctional liquid blush with dandelion extract and vitamin A have an antimicrobial, tonic and moisturizing effect.

Gosh lumi drops
Body Shop All in On

Powder blush with a pleasant silky crumbly texture have the effect of a light "frosty" blush. The main advantages: the presence of vitamin E, light feathering, pleasant texture.

Eva Mosaic Blushing Veil Duo

They have a soft, velvety texture, due to which they quickly blend and adapt to any skin type. The palette contains several natural shades, giving a light blush.

Lip gloss

The ideal everyday option is a transparent gloss, giving the lips a light volume and natural radiance. Also, any bright and nude tones look good: pale pink, honey, moccasin, dusty rose.

Yves Rocher Wonderful radiance

Nourishing shine-care contains cherry seed oil, has a non-sticky airy gel texture, is evenly distributed over the lips, giving them a natural and light volume.

Yves Rocher Wonderful radiance
Eva Mosaic Ideal Gloss

Lip gloss gives lips a glossy shine, visual volume and color saturation. It contains hyaluronic acid and ginger extract, which stimulate blood circulation and moisturize the skin.

Max Factor Honey Lacquer

Glossy surface, steady smooth coating – the main features of this lip gloss. In its composition there are natural ingredients that care for delicate skin, eliminating the slightest of its imperfections.

Makeup remover

Make-up removal (removal of decorative cosmetics) is a mandatory daily procedure. For its implementation will require special formulations. Consider the most popular ones.

For eyes
Natura Siberica Foam Youth and Radiance

It has a delicate texture, is made on the basis of the radiogram of pink and kurim tea, delicately and effectively removes makeup, quickly washed off with warm water.

CARA Phytocosmetics Lotion

Carefully and effectively removes mascara (including waterproof) from the eyes. Calendula extract, olive oil and aloe juice, included in the composition, soothe and refresh the skin of the eyelids.

Soft Lotion Clean Line

A universal product for all skin types gently removes makeup from the eyelids and strengthens eyelashes. Active natural ingredients (castor oil and cotton extract) have a moisturizing effect, and also slow down the processes of wrinkles.

For face
Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Gel

Rose water is the active component of this product. It soothes, moisturizes and relieves the skin from the feeling of tightness. In addition to its composition are present: grape seed oil, honey and green tea extract.

Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Gel
Micellar water Nivea Make-Up Expert

Removes waterproof makeup, even for sensitive skin. Vitamin C contained in the components nourishes and tones the skin, giving a feeling of freshness.

Loreal Purifying Gel Absolute Tenderness

Suitable for dry and sensitive skin, has extracts of jasmine and tea rose, due to which not only removes makeup without a trace (after the first application), but also has a soothing, moisturizing and soothing effect.

We led the safest and hypoallergenic options for decorative cosmetics for teenage girls. All described products have nutritional composition and caring properties.


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