Big sad guy lost 32 kg and looked like a Disney prince

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In 2015, the mother of 25-year-old Jeffrey Kendall suffered a head injury. When the insurance indemnity ended, the woman from the rehabilitation center was sent home under the care of her son. Because of this, Jeffrey could not get a job and spent all the time at home, caring for his mother.

Gradually, he stopped monitoring himself, his weight increased. The guy could no longer enjoy life.

“She did not recognize me on the first day when she returned. It was hard to see her empty gaze without motherly love, ”explained the son, sharing his personal story on Love What Matters.

Everything changed when a friend who survived the loss of his beloved girl invited Jeffrey to the gym for company to distract. It began as moral support, but soon turned into something much more.

Jeffrey became interested in online training and joined the yoga community. He adopted a calm philosophy of meditation, patience and self-love, as well as a fitness-oriented lifestyle. He updated his diet and began to drink less.

“I have been overweight since childhood, they scoffed at me. It deprived me of self-confidence. I was getting better or losing weight, but this time everything is different, ”the guy said.

When the young man lost almost 32 kg, he shared his before-and-after photos on the Internet. People were amazed.

"The picture of my progress has become a" bomb "! I could not fall asleep that night, it was amazing. All comments were so enthusiastic and inspiring, ”said Jeffrey.

Social network users admired the slenderness and power of his figure, well-defined facial features and chic hair. Many compared him to a Disney hero – Prince Adam from the movie Beauty and the Beast.

Jeffrey said that was the finest compliment he had ever heard.

Its miraculous transformation inspired many users of social networks and gave them confidence.

But for Jeffrey, internal change is more important. In two years of a new life, he gained self-confidence and inner peace. Relations with the mother also changed.

“When I started to lose weight, my mother recognized me more and more. I am so grateful and glad to see this sparkle in her eyes again, ”said the loving son.

“I just want her to be proud of me.”

Now, having changed his appearance and revived the thirst for life, Jeffrey wants to become a model. Indeed, he has a strong and healthy body, which can be proud of, and a confident open look. He changed himself both inside and out.

“I lost a lot of weight, a lot of sadness and some facial hair. I take a fresh look at life, ”wrote Jeffrey about his transformation in a post on Reddit, which made him famous on the Internet.

"Remember to always love yourself."

Source: Epoch Times

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