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During an interview at the Dealbook conference, Bill Gates spoke about why Windows Phone failed and Android took the lead. According to the founder of Microsoft Corporation, he was unable to make a successful operating system because he was personally engaged in antitrust proceedings, CNBC reports.

Bill Gates is convinced that one of the main reasons Microsoft was late for the mobile race was the antitrust check by the US Department of Justice, which also made him resign earlier. He hinted at the current wave of regulatory reviews and how they might distract companies that want to create something useful and massive for consumers.

"Without a doubt, the antitrust lawsuit harmed Microsoft. Because of it, we distracted from the mobile market. Instead of Android, the world would use Windows Phone. We were very close, but it distracted me too much. I screwed up because I was distracted. I don’t wish anyone like that "Commented Bill Gates.

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Prior to the start of antitrust litigation, Microsoft was about to make an important deal with Motorola and port Windows Mobile to these smartphones. However, she was distracted, and the smartphone manufacturer in 2009 switched to Android and released the successful Droid line of mobile devices.

"Today, no one even remembers that there was a mobile operating system, Windows Mobile. We lost," said Bill Gates.

According to former Microsoft employees and experts, the company tried to replicate the traditional Windows licensing model, which worked well for desktop computers but was extremely inadequate for mobile devices. This cumbersome system just pushed application developers and hardware partners, which ultimately complicated the fate of Windows Phone.

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