Blizzard canceled a game that has been in development for two years. ”GoGetNews News

David Gibson, senior animator at Overwatch, said in his Twitter account that he had left Blizzard and also expressed regret that the players would not see the project that he and the team had been working on for the last two years.

In the replays to the tweet, Naughty Dog animator Jonathan Cooper appeared, who noted with surprise that the Gibson project was canceled, but he still hadn’t read about him on Kotaku. However, he was corrected by Kotaku editor Jason Schreyer, who said that Cooper had “not yet read” only the relevant investigation.
In 2018, the executive producer of Blizzard, Allen Adam, gave an interview to GameInformer, in which he said that about half of the studio games were canceled, before they reached the release.

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In addition, in November last year, Jason Schreier released an investigation into the Diablo franchise, in which he told about the canceled supplement for the third part and the cancellation of the development of the first version of the fourth.

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