The blogger scattered a popular myth about charging smartphones

Charging the smartphone is not the most complicated process, but among users there are still many myths about this daily procedure. David Cohen, expert of TechnoPortal TheUnlockr, took on one of the most popular mistakes. In his video, he analyzed the speed of charging modern gadgets in different conditions.


The subject of attention of the blogger was the statement of owners of smartphones about increasing the charging speed when the device is turned off. In order to check whether this is really the case, as the “testers” were chosen completely discharged flagship gadgets iPhone XS Max and Huawei P30 Pro with complete charges. The 15-minute power outlet adds an iPhone’s 9% charge to the iPhone, the Huawei has “dialed” 43% thanks to its fast-charging function.


The second part of the experiment was in the same conditions, but after the smartphone was turned off. After 15 minutes of charge both test subjects showed the same figures: 9 and 43% charge, respectively. Thus, the inclusion or exclusion of the devices did not affect the process of charging. At the end of the video, the author noted that the only “limiter” time of finding the gadget in the outlet – is the power of his charger: in other cases, the visible effect does not even enable the inclusion of the regime in the “aircraft”.

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