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Queen Elizabeth II accepted the new leader of the Conservative Party, Boris Johnson, at Buckingham Palace and, by tradition, invited him to become prime minister and form a new government.

"Mr. Johnson accepted the offer of Her Majesty and kissed her hand after being appointed Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury," an official statement from Buckingham Palace said.

The Brexit theme, which Johnson intends to implement, has become dominant in the speech of the new premier. "Today I stand before you to say that the critics [выхода Британии из ЕС] are mistaken. Those who bet against Britain will remain penniless, "said Johnson at the entrance to the residence of the prime minister after an audience with the queen.

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According to Johnson, he does not doubt the ability of Britain to leave the EU on October 31. “We are going to fulfill the promises of parliament to the people and leave the EU on October 31 without any“ if ”and“ but. ”I am absolutely sure that in 99 days we will allow it. And you know what. We will not wait 99 days. The British have been waiting too long, and it is time to act under strong leadership. My task is to serve you, "said the new prime minister.

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