Brexit deal impossible after Johnson and Merkel talk

Britain’s exit from the EU (Brexit) became “essentially impossible” after a telephone conversation between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It is reported by the BBC, citing a source in the office of the Prime Minister of Britain.

According to the sources of the publication, Merkel did not support Johnson's proposal for an agreement. In addition, she added that an agreement would never be possible if Northern Ireland did not remain in the customs union.

"The talks in Brussels are close to collapse, despite the fact that Britain has come a long way," the prime minister said in an office.

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Recall, the EU must decide on Brexit before the end of this week. In particular, a decision must be made as to whether an updated agreement on UK withdrawal from the EU will be possible. Johnson insists that the decision be made before October 19.

Note that Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar wants to meet with the British Prime Minister next week to try to find a solution to the deal.

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