Brexit is Britain’s biggest mistake since World War II,

Former British Parliament Speaker John Birkow called Brexit the biggest mistake since World War II. It is reported by The Guardian.

It is reported that Birkow also denied allegations that he blocked the decision to exit Britain from the EU. He stressed that it was parliament that did not allow Brexit.

"I don’t think this will help the United Kingdom in any way. Brexit is the biggest mistake of our country after the war. I respect Prime Minister Johnson, but Brexit will not help us. It is better to be part of a powerful bloc," Birkou said.

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Recall that Berkou left his post on October 31 after ten years of work. On October 31, Berkou announced his intention to resign as speaker of the British House of Commons in September.

On October 29, the House of Commons of the British Parliament supported the initiative of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to hold early elections on December 12. It was reported that during the December 29 vote, 438 deputies supported the initiative, another twenty parliamentarians spoke out against it.

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