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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologizes for the new delay in Brexit. He stated this in an interview with the British television channel Sky News on Sunday, November 3.

At the same time, Johnson noted that delaying Brexit is painful for him not because of breaking promises or because of pride, but because of insecurity for the whole country.

The British Prime Minister expressed concern that if the Labor opposition comes to power in the early November 12 elections, then Britain’s secession from the EU may be delayed again.

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In addition, Johnson criticized US President Donald Trump, who in an interview with British radio station LBC called "in a sense" impossible to conclude a free trade agreement between the United States and Britain because of a new agreement between London and Brussels on the Brexit order.

"I do not want to denigrate the president, but in this case he makes a clear mistake. Anyone who studies our agreement will see that this is a great agreement," Johnson said.

Upon assuming the post of prime minister in July, Boris Johnson promised to get Brexit at all costs by October 31. He even said that he would rather "die in a ditch" than ask for a new reprieve. Johnson's agreement on Brexit with Brussels, however, did not receive support in the British Parliament.

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