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Bugatti decided to send a special version of the Chiron hypercar to the series, which exceeded 300 mph (a little over 490 km / h).

The official announcement of the name and price of the new Bugatti hypercar took place as part of the traditional festive event in Molsheim, writes Motor1.

Head of the company Stefan Winkelman said that Bugatti will build only 30 hypercars on the model of a record prototype, and they will be called not just Chiron Super Sport, but Chiron Super Sport 300+. The latter index, of course, became a reminder of the maximum speed that the car reached.

The serial Super Sport will keep boosted up to 1600 hp. W16 engine, magnesium alloy wheels and specially designed aerodynamics for maximum speed. As you know, the body of the hypercar was equipped with an elongated rear part with a different exhaust configuration and a huge diffuser, a modified front bumper, an upgraded air cooling system for the engine compartment and the like.

In addition, according to preliminary data, the basic configuration will retain the safety cage and the only seat in the cabin, but if the buyer wishes, the Bugatti will remove the power cage and put the second seat. The client will be able to choose the color scheme of the bodywork.

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Each of the 30 hypercars is valued at an impressive 3.5 million euros. But strictly speaking, there are only 29 left: the contract for the purchase of the first copy from this batch was signed right at the event. This, apparently, is the last record hypercar in the history of the Bugatti.

In an interview with reporters from the French edition of Motor1, company head Stefan Winkelmann said hypercar production would start in 2021. However, unlike the record prototype, the speed of mass-produced cars will be artificially limited to 440 km / h.

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