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The World Health Organization believes that it is caused by unmanaged work stress. This syndrome is listed as a real disease at the annual WHO summit.

Burnout syndrome is officially included in the list of diseases of the World Health Organization. This happened at the WHO Assembly in Geneva, where convincing evidence was presented for the reality of the existence of this problem, which was not recognized for a long time by official medicine. By the way, the official adoption of burnout syndrome as a disease will take place everywhere only in 2022. It is then that victims of the syndrome will be able to seek the help of doctors, receive hospital and drugs for treatment.

The World Health Organization calls burnout syndrome a consequence of chronic stress in the workplace that cannot be managed. This syndrome has three main symptoms. This is a feeling of a breakdown or disappearance of energy, an increase in the “mental distance” from work or a feeling of extreme negative (cynicism) in relation to work. In addition, labor productivity is reduced. The development of this syndrome is referred to as “toxic conditions” in the workplace, when a person begins to experience extremely unpleasant symptoms due to chronic stress associated with work or overload.

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At the same time, the burnout syndrome should not be mixed with such symptomatic disorders as chronic stress, panic and anxiety disorders, as well as mood changes. All of these ailments have their own system of classification and treatment.

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