Chicago Tattoo – ideas and meanings for men

Chicano – a unique and distinctive style of applying body patterns, which originated in Latin America in the 17th century. When creating images using black paint of different shades (coal, blue-black, graphite). Let's get acquainted with the most popular and unusual variants of male tattoos, as well as consider their meaning.


In ancient Roman mythology, the dice were considered symbols of luck, choice, conflict resolution, the desire to live in peace and harmony. The owners of such body art most often become lovers of gambling and extreme sports.



Oddly enough, but a tattoo with a beautiful pretty girl is often stuffed with vengeful, tough, rude people. If the representative of the fair sex is depicted together with evil spirits, it is possible that the owner of the tattoo was serving a sentence in prison due to the fault of the woman.



A tattoo with a revolver is a symbol of fearlessness, brutality, a male rod, a rebellious character and unwillingness to compromise. Its owner is a desperate, decisive person seeking to attract the attention of others. Sometimes this image is used by the military or those who once served in the armed forces.


the Rose

Beautiful blooming flower gathered in itself extremely positive values. The rose, painted in black shades, personifies eternal life, the infinity of the memory of loved ones, mystery and spiritual purity.

the Rose

Santa muerte

The most impressive and formidable image, made in the style of Chicano, is considered to be “Santa Muerte” or “Holy Death” – the Indian goddess Miktlanciuatl. Despite the awesome appearance, such a tattoo can become a kind of amulet that protects a person from severe injuries, danger, and the unkind word of envious.

Santa muerte

Billiard ball with the number 8

Black billiard ball with eight – the embodiment of undue risk, trying to tempt fate for strength and good luck. His image is typical for frivolous, careless and unreliable people who love excitement and who are not afraid of dangerous adventures.


Sinister clown

A cunning, smiling, but treacherous clown with a terrible grimace frozen on his face is a symbolism of hypocrisy, duplicity and consumerism towards others. People choosing this chicano are sharp on their tongues, excessively talkative (they tell little about themselves, but ask a lot from others), they are afraid to open up completely, they are incredulous.



The main attributes of Latin American legends and beliefs are the skull associated with the transience of human life, death (its awareness and acceptance), destruction and sacrifice. This tattoo is incredibly popular among desperate and risky people.



Playing cards is quite a dual symbol. It all depends on the particular card suit. For example:

    an ace characterizes a strong and self-confident personality;
    the king is suitable for a stately, strong-willed and stern man;
    the Queen of Spades symbolizes militancy and majesty;
    Jack is a sign of the list, weakness and pliability.



The sign of power and striving for it is, of course, the crown. Often, this tattoo is chosen by people who have achieved success in the management field, with a certain status and privileges. This monarchical accessory shows true ambitions to achieve the highest goal.



The terrifying Latin American mask in the form of a human skull is a popular element of the Chicago tattoo. This accessory is a symbol of pretense, insincerity, stealth. A person tries to protect his own secrets and in no case disclose them to the public.



Indians are distinguished by their amazing and unique style of clothing, originality of jewelry and appearance – long hair, feather headbands, spears. Tattooing with the first inhabitants of America means honoring traditions, respect for ancestors, a subtle connection between power and spirituality.



Time is the main thing in the lives of the rich and poor, the sick and healthy, happy and distressed. For everyone it is valuable in its own way. The image of the clock is applied to the arm, forearm, chest or back. It shows the intertwining of life difficulties and peripetia, which a person has visited, the desire to achieve the goal and the ability to turn the situation in their favor.



Quetzalcoatl – the ancient Mexican god of weather, fertility and creativity, portrayed as a giant flying serpent. The image of the deity is applied to the forearm, back or chest. It serves as a sign of power, authority and power.



A representative of a religious community demonstrates a desire to survive all the troubles and sufferings, as well as unselfishness and sincerity. By choosing a tattoo with Christian symbolism, a person tries to find protection and support from higher forces.



“Easy” monetary gains are frequent gangster entertainments. The image of several banknotes means the suddenness of life turns, luck, slipping right out of your hands, reflects rage, ardor of nature, love for tranquility, thrills and extreme sports.


Chicago tattoos are very popular among body art lovers. Strict, menacing, but at the same time, the original drawings will look harmoniously on the beautiful embossed male hands, torso or back. Choose an option that fits your lifestyle and worldview.


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