Club "Skladchik" will help personal development

Today it has become fashionable to engage in self-development. Many people have already realized that knowledge helps to find the shortest way to success, career, earnings, etc.

In connection with this, a lot of trainings, seminars, webinars, courses, intensive courses and similar events have appeared, which are in great demand.

With the help of such trainings, people want to learn how to achieve success in various fields of activity.

Such courses and seminars are rarely free, sometimes coaches and coaches ask for pretty good sums for their classes. In order not to pay the full cost, you can collect a few like-minded people and buy interesting training in purse. So it will be much cheaper.

Today, for this purpose, special clubs have been created in the network, such as Skladchik Club. There are more than 100,000 different courses, trainings and webinars on various topics.

How does this happen?

In the club "Skladchik" gather people who are interested in training, seminars and other events for personal growth. For each training, a search is announced for people who are interested in this topic. As soon as the necessary number of people has accumulated, the process of folding begins.

During this process, the amount to be deposited and the date on which the money should be deposited is determined. On a certain day there is a collection of money, and the product is given to customers. For more information about the terms of the club and become its member, please visit

You can transfer money through electronic systems "WebMoney" and "Yandex-money."

In the club "Skladchik" growth is possible, since there is a hierarchy of participants. A person who joins the club is first called a folder. If he actively participates in the life of the club, then over time his status increases, and he becomes a member of the club.

If a member continues the activity further, then he becomes an organizer. He himself can already organize the collection of money for his training. The next step in the hierarchy is the moderator. Each level has its own benefits and privileges.

For example, a person who just came to the club has the right to:

  • participation in the pool;
  • the organization of a warehouse, worth not higher than 1900 rubles;
  • when the keeper is the organizer, he gets the product for free;
  • The contributor can write messages in the topics.

Becoming a member of the club, you will have the opportunity to regularly attend various courses, trainings, seminars, etc. So, you will constantly evolve. The main thing is to apply the acquired knowledge in practice so that the viewing is not in vain.

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