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On how to choose the right color and texture concealer for your needs, as well as errors of its use – we are talking in this article.

Once having appeared on the market of decorative cosmetics, the concealer firmly settled in the cosmetics bags of all who care. own reflection in the mirror. But still around this mysterious means of disguise walks a lot of ridiculous and rude judgments. In this material we tried to collect only the truthful facts and destroy the most common myths concerning the concealer.

What is the difference between concealer and proofreader

The difference between these two means lies somewhere in the depths of PR and product marketing positioning in the market. That is, to say that such a tool is a 100% concealer, but in a light jar – it is impossible to drink a corrector. According to the legend, the well-known Yves Saint Laurent with his own, which is already there, the legendary concealer YSL Touche Eclat, made this mess.

On the Russian market, this tool came out much earlier than the Russian language was able to accept and understand (and, perhaps, even forgive) such a perverted word for the beauty neophyte as "highlighter." In essence, the Touche Eclat is nothing but the same “radiant”. By the way, now this is exactly what they call it in all sorts of press releases, and even stores now sell it, denoting true affiliation with illuminating, but not masking means, but initially it was nevertheless designated as concealer. At the same time, the same manufacturers in every possible way insisted that it was impossible to cover them up, but it was easy to give the face freshness and radiance. Since then, confusion has begun in our country, what is what and how it can be called. Nevertheless, the word "concealer", like the funds themselves under this name, was firmly prescribed in our cosmetics bags.

If, nevertheless, to be puzzled by the question of what can be considered a concealer and what a proofreader, then two simple formulas can be derived. First, concealer should consider all means to disguise dark circles under the eyes. Secondly, the main task of concealers is to lighten the problem areas (this may be the zone of the century, acne, and pigmented spots). Correctors, on the other hand, are denser textures to mask complex and problematic skin areas. Moreover, the latter are selected not only under the skin tone, but can also be yellow, peach, purple and even green, which helps to cope even with very neglected cases.

What concealers are

Concealers can exist in several formats (read also: “Your concealer can do more”), respectively, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Universal forms do not exist, so you need to choose a texture based on your needs.

Liquid concealer. Perhaps the most convenient format. It can be with a built-in brush or sponge, with an applicator like a lip gloss, or it can be sold in a tube or in a bottle with a dispenser. The latter, by the way, are the most hygienic – they are the most difficult to access for bacteria. Liquid concealers are ideal for dry skin and, as a rule, contain moisturizing ingredients in the composition.

Pencil. It has a rather dense texture and leaves an opaque tone on the skin. They are well masked visible skin defects. Can safely be used not only to correct the area around the eyes, but to disguise soft pigment spots, acne marks, acne, weak redness. And, of course, they can easily hide the consequences of a week of sleepless nights.

Stick Similar in texture to the previous version – a pencil, but still has a thicker and less amenable to shading texture. It is necessary if you really need to mask the problem areas and if the imperfections occupy a rather large surface. Suitable for the correction of bruises under the eyes, freckles, age spots and dilated vessels. It is not suitable for point masking.

Cream concealer. Such means are issued either in pallets or in separate jars. It has a pleasant texture, which is convenient to apply as fingers, and brushes and sponges. Most often it is not suitable for oily skin, because, due to its soft (often oil-saturated) texture, it can “float” in a couple of hours, revealing all the flaws. Perfectly hides the bruises under the eyes and minor, dull defects.

Features of concealers

The advantage of concealers over proofreaders, if we have determined that the former are intended to correct the color of the skin around the eyes, is their soft formula. It is made with a reference to the needs of the thin skin of the eyelids and takes into account the features of the zone (dryness due to the absence of sebaceous glands, flabbiness and a tendency to wrinkles). Most often, such products include various nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, and oils are not rare. The latter are especially good if your skin is prone to dryness.

Light-scattering particles are often added to concealers. They evenly reflect the incident light and help to avoid the effect of the mask, which is guaranteed if the bruises are covered with a corrector or a dense tonal tool.

How to choose concealer

Select, of course, the color of the skin. Globally speaking, concealers are a little more yellow and a little more pink (see also: “How to hide bruises and reddening of the face, or Everything you need to know about color concealers”).

Yellow. If the bruises under your eyes are blue, that is already with a purple tint, then take concealers with a lemon shade. They soften skin tone and bring it closer to healthy.

Pink If the area under your eyes has an olive green shade, then it is better to take a concealer with a pink undertone.

Light. If you basically do not sleep at night and work on the envy of Carlo's dad, and your eyes are circled with almost a black circle of hopeless pessimism, choose concealers to tone lighter than your normal skin. In all other cases, pick a better shade in shade.

How to apply

Concealer should be applied in several stages. First draw a triangle, as shown in the figure. Then apply a coating on the entire area of ​​the lower eyelid, shading down. So you need to sketch the whole triangle. Then gently blend the sponge or fingers of the border so that they merge with the rest of the tone. Now brighten the hollows at the inner corners of the eyes with a lighter shade – this optical illusion opens the eyes and softens the flaws.

Errors in use

Apply concealer to tone. As we have said, his task is to highlight the dark and problem areas on your face. The first step is to apply a basic leveling agent, and then apply the concealer to those areas that the tone has not coped with.

Use concealer as concealer. The task of the tonal tool is to even out the complexion. However, not always the foundation can cope with such difficult areas as the area around the eyes. Moreover, make-up artists recommend not to apply a tone under the eyes, as it, as a rule, is not intended for use on such thin and sensitive skin.

Do not use base. If you see that your skin has lost its former elasticity and elasticity, and wrinkles have appeared around the eyes, then the foundation for concealer is simply a necessary element of makeup. It will help smooth the skin relief and the concealer will not gather in the folds.

Ignore auxiliary tools. If you need to disguise concealer a small area, then you can’t find a better tool than a brush or sponge. It will help to drive the tool into the skin and shade the border. Fingers to achieve this effect is impossible.

14 great concealers for every day

1/14Dense concealer Creamy Concealer, Nars, which will hide anything from bruises under the eyes to pigmentation.Naked Skin, Urban Decay, with an innovative formula that provides variable coating density, easy application and a natural semi-matte effect.Better Skin, Maybelline, resistant agent with vitamin complex Actyl C, which provides impeccable coverage today and the transformation of the skin after 3 weeks.Enlighten Concealer, Jane Iredale, is suitable for very dark circles under the eyes, hyperpigmentation and bruises.Teint Couture Concealer, Givenchy, when applied leaves a strip of beige concealer and a thin thread of pink highlighter, which allows you to hide imperfections as much as possible and emphasize the beauty of the eyes.Glide Concealer Naked Disguise Concealer, Rouge Bunny Rouge, with a moisturizing formula based on a soothing and extra-nutritious cocktail of vegetable waxes and oils.Concealer Perfect Teint Concealer, Artdeco, with reflective pigments and a light texture, which also has water repellency.The Perfecting Stick, Shiseido, provides a dense coating and contains ingredients that care for your skin.Concealer Terrybly Densiliss Concealer, By Terry, with active anti-aging serum against dark circles and bags under the eyes.The Shine and Youth Concealer, Yves Rocher, does not spread and provides perfect coverage throughout the day. Corrective agent with sunscreen filter SPF 15, Artistry.Moisturizing concealer, M.A.C, is one of those examples when two concepts merge into one and a tool is obtained that can effectively deal with any skin imperfections.Nanomic Balloon Concealer rejuvenating concealer, Cefine, not only masks, but also provides an active anti-aging effect. Concealer Jet Lag, Cargo, designed specifically to combat dark circles and puffiness.


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