Concrete and its features

Concrete is considered the most used product in the world after water. It applies in almost all areas of construction, many objects and structures are built from it – from hydroelectric dams to pavements.

The popularity of concrete is easy to explain. This material is durable, it is comparable in strength to granite. Also, the concrete is not susceptible to corrosion, is able to withstand repeated freezing and thawing, can resist temperatures above one thousand degrees Celsius.

The main component of concrete is stone. However, not any stone will do. You need several different types of stone, which are mixed in a certain way. Mixing different types of stone gives concrete strength.

Such a mixture of stone in the industry is called the unit. For the manufacture of concrete need aggregate, sand, water and cement. Cement, entering into a chemical reaction with water, as the adhesive binds together all the components. Hardening, the mixture turns into concrete.

Types of concrete

Depending on its strength, concrete is divided into marks. The higher the grade, the greater the strength of the concrete. For example, the mark 200 means that every square centimeter of the concrete surface withstands a maximum load of 200 kilograms.

In modern construction used brand from 100 to 1000. However, there are often cases where the concrete does not match the stated brand and strength.

Brand of concrete depends on its value. More durable raw materials are used for durable concrete. Therefore, unscrupulous manufacturers often go to the trick and sell low-grade concrete as expensive and high-strength. Therefore, you should buy concrete only from reputable manufacturers or suppliers.

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