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In the US, congressmen Eliot Engel and Michael McCall called on President Donald Trump to impose new sanctions against the Russian Federation in accordance with the “Act on the Rule of Law and Accountability named after Sergei Magnitsky.”

The congressmen’s appeal says sanctions must be imposed on individuals responsible for “gross human rights violations in Russia” during recent protests in Moscow and St. Petersburg, DW said.

Congressmen emphasize that many protesters "were intimidated, beaten, arrested, or imprisoned."

According to Engel and McCall, the demonstrations and the Kremlin’s reaction they provoked provide further evidence that “the Russian people are tired of tyrannical actions” by Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to congressmen, the Russian president "will stop at nothing and take extreme measures to suppress any political dissent."

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The authors of the statement called on the Russian authorities to stop acts of violence against peaceful demonstrators, release unauthorized detainees, drop charges against them, and also investigate the facts of excessive use of force by law enforcement agencies.

The US Congress believes that opposition forces should be entitled to nominate their candidates in municipal elections in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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