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We share the “golden” rules that will prolong the youth of the skin around the eyes.

Every day we experience many emotional ups and downs, which in the truest sense of the word are reflected on our skin. And, of course, the stronger the facial expressions, the faster around the eyes appear first wrinkles: the periorbital region is considered the most sensitive area of ​​the face. Every day, our eyelid makes an average of more than 10,000 flashing movements. It is also interesting that in this area there are no fat cells responsible for giving the person youth. Therefore, it “fades” faster than other areas of the face.

The main rule in eyelid skin care is something like this: each situation has its own care. Most ladies have one "tested" jar "under the eyes" for all occasions. And this is the wrong approach. Of course, modern skin care products for wrinkles around the eyes include active ingredients that fight the processes of withering of the skin. However, the spectrum and directions of such products can be very diverse: crow's feet, deep wrinkles, poor hydration of the skin, inflammation and redness, peeling, bruising or “bags” under the eyes and much more.

In this material, we analyze our tools and techniques "on the shelves" together with Lyudmila Tolkacheva – cosmetologist, business coach and head of the training department of the Swiss paramedical cosmeceutical brand Swissline.

Vacation care

If you plan to spend your vacation in southern countries where the sun shines brightly and the temperature is +35 ° C, you can not do without a quality cream to protect the delicate skin of the eyelids from ultraviolet radiation. Preferably with a high SPF: it protects from the harmful effects of sunlight and prevents premature skin aging.

The sun dries the skin, so the product for the skin of the eyelids should be moisturizing, not nourishing. In general, so that the skin does not dry out, carry thermal water with you. It is recommended to spray it on the entire face at a distance of 35-40 cm. After 30 seconds, be sure to blot the remains with a paper towel (this is important, otherwise the skin will dry again) (see also: “What is thermal water and why you need it”).

Care for workdays

Such care is often called “student” or “reporting”, and it is intended for those who regularly see a sleepy “panda” in the mirror in the morning: young mothers, “defenders” of diplomas, zealous employees sitting at the computer until the morning. Do not forget that the main cause of edema is fluid, or rather, its excess. This can be affected by a lack of sleep, and allergies, and a good corporate day spent on the eve, and poor make-up removal, and even your diet.

In this case, when buying a cream, look for draining ingredients in the list of ingredients: first of all, good old caffeine and its best friend – green tea. Also, for “swollen” eyelids, anti-inflammatory properties are important: look for chamomile, cucumber, licorice extract.

An excellent solution to modern cosmetology is a metal applicator, which with the help of micro massage and increased blood circulation restores the skin and reduces the visible signs of stress. But the extract of wild indigo seeds, which also gives the skin a radiance, reduces unloved “bags” under the eyes. By the way, there will also be serums with substances that enhance microcirculation: arnica, centella, vitamins PP, K, C, placenta. Grape seed extract contributes to a more intensive lymphatic flow.

Dark circles and pigmentation

Chronic bluish and violet circles most often appear due to blood vessels and bursting capillaries visible through thin skin – a rather unpleasant physiological problem. If your “circles” are rather brown in color, then they can be the result of many years of love for sunbathing (recall that pigmentation is an accumulation of melanin). However, often a hereditary predisposition plays a role.

To combat this problem, choose light textures: gels, serums – a great option. If you don’t like the heterogeneous color of the “periorbital” zone, we recommend that you take a closer look at moisturizing and lightening skin products at the same time. Such a cream (or gel) should contribute to the production of collagen in order to make the skin more dense and give it a uniform tone.

Choose products that contain ginkgo biloba, escin (they are the most powerful), rutin, caffeine, walnut extract: that is, everything that works not only for the lymph flow, but also for blood flow.

Anti age

Loss of collagen and elastin with age, active facial expressions, as well as the harmful effects of the sun and the environment lead to crow's feet and wrinkles in the area around the eyes. To work on this problem, in addition to a good cream, we also recommend having patches and masks in the arsenal. Masks can be washed off and indelible, but there is a single rule for them: do not “overfeed” the delicate skin of the eyelids with these beauty products.

Hydrogel patches are a universal remedy: they can be used from any age (from 16-17 years old) depending on what problems and goals you have. If the skin has lost its tone, we recommend collagen patches with the addition of wheat extract, vitamin E and A (see also: “Eye patches: why are they needed and how to use them”). Just remember – at the slightest itch and burning, redness and discomfort, you need to immediately remove the patches and rinse the affected area with plenty of water, rather than sit and wait until it "goes away".


Apply eye creams only to the fixed upper eyelid and lower, retreating half a centimeter from the ciliary edge and the outer corner of the eye. If you “miss”, then the risk of earning irritation or swelling immediately increases. With the latter, your main task is to “expel” lymph from the lymphatic vessels. Cream from edema should be applied from the outer corner of the eye and out with light pressing movements. It is better to do this by pre-moistening your fingers in cold water. Apply natural anti-wrinkle products around the eyes in the form of oils only to thoroughly cleansed skin, and carefully remove excess oil with a dry cloth. Do not use too oily creams at night – this may cause swelling . The dense texture forms a film on the skin, which creates a “greenhouse effect” and, as a result, leads to the accumulation of excess fluid in the tissues.

About the author:

Lyudmila Yurievna Tolkacheva – Candidate of Biological Sciences, biochemist, teacher of the highest category, cosmetologist, business coach and head of the training department of the Swiss paramedical cosmeceutical brand Swissline.

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