How to delete an account (profile) on Twitter?

In this article I will give a simple and detailed instructions on how to delete your Twitter page if you don’t need it anymore. The situation when you need to cover up traces is not such a rarity, someone needs to delete a profile in order to hide from prying eyes, someone deletes an account, as she represented on Twitter a line of business that is now closed – what else? reasons.

how to delete a twitter account

Create an archive copy
Deleting an account
Account recovery after deletion
On Twitter, you can permanently delete any account ( what is it? ), But on the condition that it belongs to you – it will not be possible to spoil other people’s pages.

The removal process itself does not take place instantly – it is extended over 30 days. Well, that is, all the actions you do immediately, but within a month the account can still be restored. After this period, all the data go into the darkness disappear forever.

So, if you have something valuable in your account that may be useful in the future (interesting tweets, useful links), then for backup, you should make an archive copy. With it, and begin our instructions.

How to backup Twitter account
The function of creating an archive is built into a social network and does not require the use of third-party services.

It is implemented as a simple button, the click of which packs all tweets starting from the very first one that appeared in your account and ending with the last one. After that, the entire database is sent to your email address.

To start archiving go to the settings of your profile. The link to them is contained in the drop-down menu opened by clicking on your profile photo (top right):
All settings on one screen may not fit, therefore, in order to get to the “Request Archive” button, it is necessary to scroll down.

After clicking the whole procedure will go automatically, if the archive is large, then it may take some time, if there are not enough records in the tape of your profile, the letter with a link to download the archive will come almost instantly.

How to delete a page on Twitter
So, just in case we made the archive, it’s time to show how to delete the Twitter account. For this purpose, a special button is also implemented; it is located in the same menu item as the archiving.

So, go back to Settings and Privacy (click on the profile photo in the upper right corner).

The settings page is scrolled to the bottom and we find a link with the words “Disable your account” there:

disable twitter account

Feel free to click this link – this action is not fatal and reversible. The service will ask you to confirm that your decision to delete the page on Twitter consciously and not by chance:

confirm account deletion

Read the 5 theses on the page, all of a sudden it’s not necessary to get rid of the page to solve your problem, maybe you just need to change something.

The main thing is that before you delete the Twitter page, the service will give you 30 days forever. During this time for recovery, simply log in to your account. During these 30 days, your profile will not be available to other users, but it will be stored for you in its original form.

To confirm the deletion, click on the “Disable @ profile_name” button, after which you will see another confirmation window, this time you will be asked for your account password:
Now, pressing the button “Delete account” will lead to the final result and after 30 days (if there is no temptation to enter the page again) all your Twitter tracks will be cleared.

How to recover a deleted Twitter account
If you read the text above, where I talked about deleting, then you already guessed that there are no secrets and riddles in the process of profile recovery.

Just go to the website, specify the username and password of the remote account and, if 30 days have not passed since its disconnection, it will work in the previous mode automatically.

If a longer period has passed, then it is no longer possible to restore the page, alas, you have lost it forever, but you can re-use the released email and phone in a new account.

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