Developed a method of radio wave therapy, effective in the treatment of 15 types of cancer

The development of American scientists – target therapy using non-thermal radio waves – allows you to block the growth of cancer cells without affecting healthy ones.

According to EBioMedicine, the authors of the new methodology are specialists from Wake-Forrest University in North Carolina. They have developed a device for conducting radio wave therapy, which is now awaiting approval from the FDA for Food and Drug Administration.

The essence of the method proposed by scientists is as follows: calcium channels located on the surface of tumor cells are affected by radio waves of a certain range. This effect allows calcium to penetrate the cell membrane of the cancer cell and block its development.

Scientists have successfully conducted experiments on genetically modified laboratory animals – carriers of human cancer cells. They have specialists treated with the help of a new method of hepatocellular carcinoma – a type of liver cancer. It turned out that the influx of calcium to cancer cells in accordance with the action of the method stopped the growth of liver cancer cells, reduced, and in some cases even completely destroyed the tumor.

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At the same time, experts noted separately, the radio frequency emitted in the framework of such therapy may be lower than from a mobile phone brought to the ear.

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