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Diablo IV will require a constant connection to the servers due to the open world structure, however, some users were sure that the requirement applies only to the PC version.

This is not so: a constant connection is required on consoles, and the ability to play offline is not provided – this, again, applies to all platforms.

According to developers, the so-called "common world" has become one of the most important innovations of Diablo IV. The design of the project provides for great interaction even between random players – we are talking about world bosses, public events and simple interaction with strangers.

It is noteworthy that Diablo III requires a permanent connection to the network only on the PC, while on consoles it can be played offline without problems. Perhaps because of this, a misunderstanding arose.

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Diablo IV was announced at BlizzCon 2019, showing not only a 9-minute cinematic trailer with a plot of history, but also a gameplay video with three classes – Barbarian, Enchantress and Druid. There will be five classes on release.

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