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One of the most popular role-playing games, Diablo came out in 1996 and won a huge audience for its addictive gameplay. Many still with nostalgia and warmth refer to the project from Blizzard, replaying the levels studied time and time again and again. In 1998, for convenience, the game was ported to MacOS and PlayStation. But now, fortunately for fans, after 23 years, Diablo has become available in a web browser thanks to the efforts of RivSoft.

The browser version was reconstructed from the source code of the Diablo shareware version of the game, previously distributed on demodiski, called Devilution. Therefore, in free mode, only two locations are available and a few characters for conversation. If you have Diablo, you can use its main data file DIABDAT.MPQ to unlock the full version and continue the game in the browser. If not, then you need to purchase a digital copy on the GOG for $ 9.99, which includes the Hellfire extension.

True, in the first days after the launch of the site, there were so many people who wanted to play that they "put" the project site. Therefore, those who want to play just need to download the SPAWN.MPQ file from Github (links are provided) and put it into the browser – the game will start after this procedure.

Since the project is written by enthusiasts, the copyright holder Blizzard may request to stop the spread of the game. Although the developers do not take money for their work and use the demo version, so legally everything is fair. Programmers hope that Blizzard will not take any action against the project.

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At one time, the success of Diablo allowed Blizzard to release a no less successful sequel, called Diablo II in the middle of 2000, and 12 years later Diablo III was released. Initially, we managed to sell two million copies, but the sequels surpassed the success of the original, selling six and 20 million copies of Diablo II and Diablo III, respectively.

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